Virgin Malaysian Body Wave Lace Front Wig

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Get a free Wig Customization by a licensed stylist when you purchase a Virgin Lace Front Wig or Virgin 360 Wig.
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Unit Weight
250 grams
Hair Origin
Malaysian - Not as thick as Brazilian and not as fine as Peruvian
Part Design
Free part - Can be parted anywhere
Available Materials
Cap Size
Wigs are 21.5” and can be adjusted up to 22.5”
Wig Density
Want a new look in minutes? The Body Wave Lace Front Wig is here for it. No need for a hair appointment to achieve your new look – just put your wig on, style, and slay!
Hair Type
100% Virgin Human Hair
What's Included
Clips, Adjustable Strap
Model Wearing
20" Malaysian Body Wave Lace Front Wig
Available Services
Wig Customization, Wig Install
Maintenance Level
High - Lace front wigs offer a ton of options, but they need customization first
Can it be Dyed?
Yes - This virgin human hair can be lifted and colored to 27
Frequently Asked Questions
Do Lace Front Wigs need to be customized?

Yes, our Lace Front units should be customized. Customizing your wig will make it better suited for your hairline and will help it blend seamlessly. Luckily, we offer wig customization for free when you book with one of our Certified Stylists. Mayvenn's free Wig Customization includes bleaching, tinting, and cutting the lace, plus plucking and customizing the wig's hairline.

What is included in Mayvenn's wig customization service?

Mayvenn's free Wig Customization service includes bleaching, tinting, and cutting the lace, plus plucking and customizing the wig's hairline.

Can I part my wig in different directions?

Yes, you can part your Lace Front wig in different directions. Our frontal wigs offer a large area of parting space across the entire front hairline.

How should I put my wig on?

Installing your wig is simple, once you get the hang of it. You'll need to start with a flat, braided foundation and a wig cap that matches your skin tone. We suggest using a strong gel, spray, or tape to secure your wig at the hairline, like Got2b Glued Spray or Bold Hold. You'll also need some customization to finish your look, but don't worry - we offer free wig customization when you purchase a unit from us. Mayvenn's Wig Customization service includes bleaching, tinting, and cutting the lace, plus plucking and customizing the wig's hairline.

Can I wash my wig?

Yes, shampooing and conditioning your wig are important to making sure it lasts! Cleanse your wig once per week, or less often depending on how often you wear it. You may need to cleanse the lace and hairline more often to remove product buildup. We send out wig care tips with each order, so you'll have all the information you need.

Can I dye my wig?

Yes, wigs that come in the color Natural Black have not been pre-colored, so they are ok to be dyed or lifted. However, wigs that come in colors #1 Jet Black or #2 Chocolate Brown have been pre-colored and shouldn't be processed any further.

How should I store my wig?

Properly storing your wig is essential to making it last. Store it on a wig head or in its included packaging to keep it protected and neat.

How long will my wig last?

Wigs can last for months, even years! The key to making your wig stand the test of time is proper care and maintenance. Shampooing and conditioning properly, and removing your wig at night all help it stay in good shape.

Will my wig shed?

Just like the natural hair on your head, all wigs experience some shedding. But, it can be lessened with proper care. Making sure to properly protect, detangle, and store your wig at night will all help to avoid shedding. All orders come with care tips, so you'll have the information you need to properly care for your Mayvenn wig.

Can I use hot tools on my wig?

Yes, you can use heat when styling and curling a wig, but make sure you're using a heat protectant. Protecting your unit from any heat damage before using a curling iron, flat iron, or wand makes a big difference for how long your wig will last!

How long does shipping take?

Mayvenn offers free standard shipping on all orders, no minimum necessary. Standard shipping usually takes 3-5 business days. In a hurry? Expedited and overnight shipping options are available for those who just can't wait.