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Straight #1 Jet Black Tape-ins Mayvenn
Straight #1 Jet Black Tape-ins Mayvenn

50g Straight Tape-Ins

#1 Jet Black, #1B Soft Black, #1C Mocha Brown, #2 Chocolate Brown, #4 Caramel Brown, #6 Hazelnut Brown, #18 Chestnut Blonde, #60 Golden Ash Blonde, #613 Bleach Blonde
Looking for your match made in extensions? Our straight tape-in extensions lie completely flat against the head and blend seamlessly with your own hair. With a simple install, you’ll be ready for any event in as little as 30 minutes. Get ready to have some fun with your hair - no damage necessary.
Total weight: 50 Grams / 1.7 oz
Package Contains (20 Pieces):
20 x 1.85 inch wefts
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