Wig Care Guide

Aside from choosing a high-quality, human hair wig, taking care of your unit is one of the best ways to make sure it lasts. But, it’s not just your wig–your natural hair needs some love, too.

Taking care of both your own hair and your wig is the secret to getting the most out of your wig purchase and we’re giving you the best wig care tips for both.

How to Care for a Wig

No matter which type of wig you choose–synthetic or human hair–they require proper care to make sure they last and look amazing. Of course, washing a wig is important, but how do you do it, how often, and with what products? 

To help you with proper at-home wig care, we’re giving you the do’s and don’ts to make sure your wig is always in tip-top shape and ready to go. And, don’t forget about your natural hair. Our next chapter will give you the details on how to care for the hair underneath, too!

How to Maintain Your Hair Underneath

Investing in a great wig is key to getting the flaunt-worthy look you love, but it’s not just about the wig. Maintaining your natural hair underneath a wig so that it’s protected from damage is equally important. 

Your natural hair may experience stress from product build-up, brushing, pulling, and the pressure of always wearing a wig. Over time, you may experience thinning hair, dryness, or other discomfort if you neglect your natural hair and scalp. 

Here are our ten wig care tips to protecting your hair when wearing wigs.

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