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How To Maintain Your Hair Underneath A Wig

How To Maintain Your Hair Underneath A Wig

With the newness coming this season, all of us at Mayvenn are looking toward the latest fall hair color trends. Wondering what the best hair colors for fall are? And how you are going to try the while protecting your natural hair? Here’s our gameplan.

To try new fall hair colors, we’re choosing weaves and wigs. To achieve the fall hair color trends of your dreams, be sure to choose styles that can be dyed just the way you want.

Weaves and wigs have been used as stylish protective styles whenever we need to give our natural tresses a break, or just to switch things up. A ‘protective’ style can easily go the opposite route without the proper precautionary care - and no one wants that. Get the most out of your wig and keep your real hair healthy with these ten vital tips! Use this as a wig regimen to grow your hair.

Make sure you wear a cap under the wig

As ready as you might be to slay, wait a second sis. We know you want to try those new fall hair colors but first things first: grab a wig cap. As long as you are rocking your wig make sure your wig cap comes with it. You want to avoid putting the wig directly onto your braids/head because it can snag and pull your hair which defeats the purpose of the “protective style”. For ultimate protection, get yourself a satin lined wig cap.

Regularly wash and moisturize your hair

It may seem like a given, but it’s truly a major key! Sweat, product buildup, and friction among many other things are common problems that can cause more harm than good when it comes to wearing a wig. Take time to wash your natural hair with a cleansing shampoo, and moisturize it with a water-based deep conditioner and leave-in according to your normal wash schedule. Your hair will thank you by retaining its new growth, and you’ll be back to knocking out your fall hair color trend goals.

Opt for a wig with a closure or frontal

This goes out to our natural haired divas wearing wigs, instead of putting heat on your hair to conform to the texture of your weave, consider keeping all of your locks protected by wearing a closure or frontal. Shop Mayvenn’s large selection of virgin closures and frontals for a look that is equally protective and fashionable.

Adjust the strap so that it isn’t too tight

We get it: you want your wig to lay flat and look realistic. But as we mentioned earlier, you want to give your hair the opportunity to breathe. Make sure your wig straps are secure, but not too tight as to suffocate your hair (and possibly give you a headache!). If it’s too tight, try cutting off the strap and either re-fitting to comfortably fit your head or using bobby pins to secure the wig.

Choose the Right Edge Control

If you’re loyal to the edge control, make sure you choose the right one. If you use a thick edge control that clumps up easily, it will only lead to breakage and, eventually, no edges to lay! Find an edge control with an essential oil as a key ingredient, such as lavender or tea tree oil. At night, after washing it out, give your edges (and your scalp) and nice rub with the pads of your fingers to stimulate growth and break up any product build up.

Be strategic with combs

Combs are great way to provide additional security to any wig, but you’ll want to be very gentle with how you insert them into your hair. Instead of jamming them into the hair, insert them with moderate force. Be sure to regularly rub your scalp a little bit extra in the areas where you usually insert the combs. This will help stimulate your scalp, and prevent breakage over time.

If it isn’t sewn in, don’t sleep in the wig!

Though it may be tempting to hop into bed with your wig (especially after a long day), it is best to take it off at night for ultimate health maintenance. Put it on a Styrofoam wig head and, instead, sleep in a satin bonnet or scarf. Taking this route also allows you to care for the wig without having to reach for unseeable parts of your head!

Remember to take breaks

With the ease wigs provide, it can be easy to want to wear one forever, but doing so will only damage your natural hair underneath. For the best protective benefit, you’ll want to take the wig off from time to time for a shampoo, deep condition, trim, and general hair maintenance. This will give your hair some time to breathe, keep it healthy, and ultimately flourishing!

Wigs remain one of the most dependable ways to take a break from worrying about your own hair, and they’re extremely useful for aiding growth and health. By taking these steps from this wig regimen to grow your hair, you’ll have the best of both worlds in your wig and real hair

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