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Skincare Fridges Are Popular, But Do You Really Need One?

Skincare Fridges Are Popular, But Do You Really Need One?

The mere idea of a skincare fridge might seem ludicrous to some — a fridge exclusively for your beauty products, what? Only the most die-hard skincare (and social media) enthusiasts would ever even consider such an expense, right?

But if you think about it for a second, the idea of chilling your beauty products may not be so far-fetched. For years, we’ve all heard of eye masks that can be stored in the fridge for a quick de-puff when you need it. More recently, facial rollers and gua sha tools have made the frigid rounds in the latest beauty buzz, and ice facials are indeed a thing.  

Beauty tools aside, the concept of cooling your skincare serums and moisturizers is not totally insane. In fact, chilled beauty products can be beneficial for your skin. But do you really need a beauty fridge? Not really.

Here’s a closer look at beauty fridges, how they can be beneficial and a few things to look for if you decide on the splurge.

What Is A Beauty Fridge?

Simply put, a beauty fridge is a mini-sized fridge that’s dedicated to storing your favorite skincare and beauty products and they are marketed as such.

Why Would You Cool Your Skincare Products?

First, similar to the concept of cold eye masks, cold eye creams, and even facial moisturizers can be infinitely helpful when you’re having a fake it til you make it kind of morning. Cold creams work on contact to constrict your blood vessels, and they work almost instantaneously to make your skin look firmer and tighter. Additionally, a cold eye cream can work a little magic to depuff your eye area.

Skincare fridges can also be pretty helpful if you’re using facial serums with vitamin C. That said, it’s important to note that Vitamin C begins to oxidize (or break down) as soon as it’s exposed to air (or oxygen). So, while a skincare fridge won’t necessarily prevent the oxidation process, it can slow it down a bit.

What To Look For In A Beauty Fridge

If a beauty fridge finds its way onto your shooing list, you may want to keep the following in mind.


Clearly, your first buying consideration for a skincare fridge should be the size. A good rule of thumb for understanding the sizes is that six 12 ounce soda cans fit comfortably in a 4-liter capacity fridge. Additionally, you’ll want to look for adjustable shelving that can accommodate products with different sized bottles; think about bottles of toner versus jars of moisturizer.


In addition to the size of your fridge, you’ll want to check out its cooling capacity. While the products you’re storing carry little risk of spoilage, just be sure that the fridge doesn’t run below 32ºF; you don’t want your products to inadvertently freeze, rendering them useless when you’re late for work.

So, Do You Really Need A Skincare Fridge?

While a skincare fridge may be a “nice to have,” particularly in the summer, it’s not a “must-have.” Generally, skincare products don’t need to be refrigerated, and they will perform as expected, cold or not. However, if you find that your skin and the area around your eyes are plagued by puffiness and inflammation, chilled creams and serums can feel pretty soothing, so you may want to pop one of these bad boys on your vanity for easy access in a pinch.

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