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10 Different Ways To Style Your Edges

10 Different Ways To Style Your Edges

Styling your edges is not only a quick way to switch up your look, it can also take your hairstyle to the next level. Black women, once again, are trendsetters and started the trend of designing hairlines and edges years ago. With social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, Black women have taken to these apps to showcase the many different ways that they style their edges, from the super simple to the intricate and dramatic.

Not only are edges used to create a unique look, but some people take it even further and decorate their edges with diamonds, color, and other accessories. Styling our edges has become a part of our culture, from using different products to swooping baby hairs down, to styling those baby hairs in intricate and incredible ways. By using the right edge control gel and brush, anyone with a variety of hair textures can slick down their baby hairs and change up their look. While styling your edges is not a necessity, we love the fact that it can change your entire look and is so simple to do. Here are 10 different ways to style your edges.

Circle Edges

Photo: Pinterest

ZigZag Edges


Which one are you?! ? #fypシ #edgestutorial #ArbysDiabloDare #xyzbca #naturalhair

♬ original sound - rennyxaudios

Heart Edges


Heart edges?? #fyp #elfitup #heartedges #curlyhair #naturalhair #edgestutorial

♬ original sound - rennyxaudios

Swooped Edges


Reply to @zyarecaree i love the extra swirl baby hairs ? #fyp #hairtiktok #edgestutorial

♬ original sound - Moné.Yvonne

Simple Edges


Tutorial on how I lay my edges ? #curlyhairtutorial #edgestutorial #naturalhair

♬ Substance - 03 Greedo

Perfectionist Edges


Reply to @snk_specialkay._7 edges tutorial #greenscreen

♬ original sound - bri campbell

Extra Swirly Edges


Reply to @zyarecaree i love the extra swirl baby hairs ? #fyp #hairtiktok #edgestutorial

♬ original sound - Moné.Yvonne

Dramatic Edges


Back with another edge tutorial! Do you prefer natural or dramatic edges? #fyp #edgetutorial #dramaticedges #curlyedges

♬ original sound - BRAIDSBYASH

Diamond Decorated Edges

Photo: @joyjah

Colorful Edges

Photo: @salty.simmone

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