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Quick Hair Looks For When You Are Short On Time

Quick Hair Looks For When You Are Short On Time

There will be days when your hair is not cooperating and you need a quick fix. Whether you’re running a few last-minute errands or in a rush in the morning, a quick look can come in handy to save the day. Here's a list of easy hairstyles that you can wear on the go and still look perfectly put together.


@schaebreezy_ wearing a ponytail

Image: @schaebreezy_

When in doubt, ponytail it out! It’s a go-to look for many who are in a rush to leave and don’t have much time to spend on their hair. There are many different types of ponytails, so you have options to choose from when it comes to styling. If you want to add more to the look, you can include a few bundles to make your ponytail thicker, longer, braided, or give it a different texture.


Woman wearing a bun hairstyle

Image: ThriveNaija

Buns are a classic look that never gets old. If your stands aren’t behaving, then tame them by putting them in a slick bun, messy bun, two buns, or top knot. These bun looks take a couple of minutes to achieve and they’ll work for almost any occasion! Like the ponytail, you can add a few bundles to get a thicker look as well.


Woman wearing a headwrap style

Image: @thewraplife

Headwraps and turbans are a great accessory to have when you don’t have much time to spend on your tresses. Whether you’re having a less than satisfactory hair day, waiting for your hair to dry after wash day, or just having a lazy hair day, headwraps can turn your look from a hair don’t to a hair DO. There are so many options when it comes to styling them. All you have to do is wrap and go!


Mayvenn Hair Notorious Naomi Ready to Wear Wig

Image: Mayvenn Notorious Naomi Ready to Wear Wig

No time, no problem! Purchasing a ready-to-wear wig will be one of the best investments you make, especially on those days when your alarm clock decides to not go off. All you have to do is pull your hair back in a bun, ponytail, twists, or braids and throw on your wig. Make sure it’s secure by using the hair clips and straps that are provided. You can throw a hat or headband over it for even less hassle. The options are endless when it comes to a wig!

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