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Ask Brittany: Wig & Weave 101

Ask Brittany: Wig & Weave 101

Last month’s IG stories featured questions about anything and everything Wig, Weave, and Extensions related. Here are a few of our fave questions, answered by our in-house licensed cosmetologist.

  • What’s a good product to use to keep the Deep Wave hair from becoming dry?**
    **Moisture retention is imperative for most hair, but especially with curlier textures. Using a light leave-in conditioner is a great way to keep bundles soft without weighing them down. Avoid grease, heavy oils, or gels that contain a lot of alcohol - the grease/excessive use of oils are both too heavy and the alcohol-based gel will create unnecessary dryness. Remember to deep condition every so often (I’d recommend every 2 weeks depending on your use of heat, etc.), so that your hair gets some extra TLC.Here are some recommended products at various price points from Mayvenn’s Hair Care Guides, which are now included in every order: Aphogee Curlific Curl Definer, Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Co-Wash, or It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Conditioner. Make sure you detangle often and sleep with your hair in braids, twists, or a pineapple if it’s sewn-in, and on a silk or satin pillowcase or scarf to avoid friction.
  • Can you achieve frontal results with a closure?**********
    **This is a great question! Although they’re both protective styling pieces, closures aren’t going to give you the same sort of ear-to-ear hairline coverage that frontals provide. You can still slightly switch up your part with a closure, but you’re going to get about 4”x4” of parting space versus the 13”x4” from a frontal. On the upside, closure installs require less maintenance and are easier to leave in longer, because there is less lace that needs to be “laid down” to create a blended hairline effect. You can definitely get some fun, super slayed looks with your closure but even if you create more baby hairs, etc. (which are totally optional), it won’t be the same as a full frontal piece.
  • What are some tips on laying your wig flawlessly?**
    **Oh you wanna be LAID, laid! Here’s a link to our tutorials section on YouTube; there are a few Wig Customization videos there that you’ll find helpful! For a quick summary, you’ll want to make sure that enough lace is left around the hairline to actually “lay down”. If you cut the lace all the way up to the wig’s hairline, then you’ll have a harder time using gel, tape, glue, or your choice of adhesive in order to attach the lace to your own skin and conceal the hairline.Try cutting the lace to follow the shape of your natural hairline so that it’s easier to blend over your own baby hairs, etc. - I just started using an eyebrow razor to cut mine because the slight jagged cut blends easier when I use gel to lay it down (s/o Miss Palmer for that epic tip!).Sometimes, less is more! Overplucking your part can lead to unnecessary shedding and no one wants a separation that’s mimicking the parting of the Red Sea. Try using some concealer to help blend the part and then determine how much hair needs to be plucked, if any. Don’t forget to share your laid look with us on social @MayvennHair!

  • I recently ordered a 22 inch Deep Wave Wig, how do I achieve that wet look throughout the day?**
    **Congrats on your newest wig! Starting with properly moisturized hair is going to be key, so make sure you have a good leave-in conditioner on hand (see the question above for a quick product list). There are gels (look for alcohol-free ones) that can be used to help maintain that wet look. You can use a light oil as well (like coconut or argan) but definitely don’t overdo it on the oils. A spray bottle with water is also going to be your best friend - letting the curls cluster and fall naturally without raking your hands through them too much will help keep that look going and is best for avoiding frizz. Remember that using a ton of gel on your hair, natural or extensions, isn’t advised, so avoid rocking this style everyday.

  • Can I buy recycled hair?**
    **This is an interesting question and one that more people might have, thanks for sharing! Mayvenn’s quality guarantee allows us to offer returns or exchanges to customers, and we pride ourselves on being one of the only companies that is truly “risk-free”. We actually inspect the returned hair and assess any less-than-satisfactory batches for quality issues; we don’t resell it for both honest business practices and sanitary reasons. We want to be sure that you’re getting the best of the best, so we won’t sell any recycled hair that’s been pre-worn or exchanged.
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