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10 Halloween Costumes & Hairdos Inspired By Your Fave Celebs

10 Halloween Costumes & Hairdos Inspired By Your Fave Celebs

It’s that time of year again! The time when you look to your fave celebs for costume inspiration. Whether it’s their love for wigs or bedazzled bodysuits, artists like Rihanna and Cardi B. have been serving costume-inspiration all year long. To help you make a choice of who and how you’ll slay this year, let’s pay homage to the legendary looks from 2017 that inspired our favorite Halloween Hairdos.

Superbowl Beyonce

Obviously, none of us were prepared for the level of shook we’d be after witnessing Beyonce’s superbowl performance. The choreography and overall message are shocking enough without even thinking about how to recreate her Black Panther inspired getup. With a wavy, blonde wig, a gold-accented leather jacket, tights and black boots you can get into formation.  

'Wild Thoughts' Rihanna black celebrity halloween costume ideas

As we all know, Rihanna exudes sex appeal at all times. But, in the 'Wild Thoughts' video, the Fenty Beauty creator blew all of our minds with just how simple she makes it all seem. In the midst of criticism for rocking a curvier body, the singer-philanthropist donned a mesh blouse and hip-hugging slacks. Her wavy lob, can be accomplished with a shoulder length Loose Wave wig. This look will frame your face so well that your friends and stans will be begging you give it a rest.

Storm Cardi B

black celebrity halloween costume ideas

As the female rapper with the longest running #1 single of all time, Cardi B. is making history! The online personality turned reality star turned artist is as genuine as they come and isn’t afraid to show her creativity through fashion. During her climb to the top, she has worn the styles of esteemed designers like Christian Siriano. However, one of her most iconic looks was when she was Storm for a day in a wavy, grey wig and black bodysuit. The sleek, cosplay outfit made headlines and can be all the inspiration you need if you’re looking for something recognizable yet iconic.

'Love Galore' SZA

black celebrity halloween costume ideas

Photo: 'Love Galore' music video

Also topping the charts with her CTRl album, SZA can usually be found in a tight-fitting top, baggy pants and platform shoes whether boots or sneakers. Her unique style is one of many reasons that the relatable singer has made a name for herself. In her 'Love Galore' video, she discusses heartbreak and passion while rocking pigtails covered in Mariposa butterflies. A few Kinky Straight bundles, a bodysuit, a pack of paper/toy butterflies and adhesive and you’re ready to part the crowd.

SweetSexySavage Kehlani

black celebrity halloween costume ideas

Photo: Kehlani

The Oakland native has seen much success as a result of her last two albums. This last time around, with shorter hair and an admirable vulnerability, Kehlani touches on all of the things that make her a SweetSexySavage. With a short black wig and some setting lotion, you can attempt the marselle look that she’s made all of us fall in love with. Add a couple faux-tattoo sleeves, and you’ll have Tsunami members circulating your selfies and praising your efforts.

'Cranes In The Sky' Solange black celebrity halloween costume ideas

Photo: 'Cranes In The Sky' video

Put one in the air for the sultry singer that embodies distinction and poise. Solange wowed us all with her album A Seat At the Table, and had us all shedding thug tears to her single 'Cranes In The Sky.' In a soft, regal pink coat with bubbled-sleeves, Solange stared into the camera and told us every way that she used to try to keep it all together. Take on her style with a middle part and some body waves. If you’re down for a creative challenge, create your own, wave-inspired coat at home!

VH1 Performance Teyana Taylorblack celebrity halloween costume ideas

Photo: VH1

Kanye West’s 'Fade' music video reminded us of just how talented an icon Teyana Taylor truly is. So, when she performed as Lil’ Kim at the VH1 Hip Hop Awards, she confirmed what many of her fans already knew. The multitalented mom killed her impersonation. And it made everyone want to go out and find a flipped, black wig and a cheetah bikini with the robe to match. This classy yet sultry style is just enough retro to pay homage to the Queen of Hip Hop, while also mirroring the styles of today. 

Joanne the Scammer black celebrity halloween costume ideas

Now, let’s discuss the controversial Caucasian that keeps it classy and trashy all at once. Joanne the Scammer has brought life to dirty blond wigs and floor length minks. Scamming her way to the top, the singer/actor is a recognizable force amongst every crowd. Tease a platinum lacefront, cop a faux-fur jacket and you’re on your way to landing a million bucks from an unknown man’s bank account.

K-Way as TiTi black celebrity halloween costume ideas

Put on your best snarling face, some pale pink lipstick and a kool aid blue wig. You’ll become the online personality that demands respect from her man and everybody else. Best known for her Instagram cameos, TiTi is always rocking the flyest blue lace fronts and bold lipsticks. You might catch her in a robe if she’s just waking up to her man’s drama, but most of the time she’s dressed to kill...literally. A bold colored wig, your freshest sneakers, printed tights and snarling face will let everyone know who you’re dressed up as.

Girls Trip Cast (Incognito Bar Scene)

black celebrity halloween costume ideas

Speaking of colorful wigs, if you’re rolling with your girls for Halloween weekend, going as the Girl’s Trip cast is the perfect group costume look. **Spoiler Alert** for those who haven’t seen the movie yet: After a few run-ins with trouble, the cast decides to travel incognito and stop by a local bar where they won’t be recognized. Each member wears a colorful wig and dark glasses, ready to dance the night away without anything to hold them back. With a range of colors to choose from and a simple pair of black sunglasses, you and your girls can wild out Girl’s Trip style.

What are you dressing up as for the 31st? Let us know in the comments!

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