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Your Curls Will Last With Mayvenn's Bundles

Curly Hair Inspo

Curls are my favorite hair texture, and for various reasons. For one, I love anything dramatic that resembles Diana Ross’ hair. Secondly, the bigger the hair, the better and with curly hair, you can normally manipulate the curls, no matter the depth, to be as large and fluffy as your heart desires. So anytime I wear a weave, whether crotchet or a sew in, it must be curly.

The good thing about curls is that the style can accompany all seasons because of the variety of textures. You can go with deep curl in the winter, a soft curl in the fall or spring or a loose and messier curl in the summer that’ll blow nicely with the wind while you’re driving with your sunroof down.

Mayvenn has so many different curl patterns that it’s hard to keep up. And with the amount of length choices, you can order as many bundles and mix and max lengths to create the perfect curled style. As with all Mayvenn hair, with proper upkeep, your curly bundles will last for multiple installs. What I love most about curlier textures is the longer you have them, the more natural they appear. And because there’s a natural curl pattern of the hair there’s no need to add heat with a curling iron, so it’ll save from heat damage and unnecessary shedding and breaking.

Grab your curly bundles and try some of the looks below.

Buns are best

Add in a braid, or two or more!

We all love the 90’s. Try jumbo braids with curls gushing from the ends or even a side ponytail

Let the curls fall

The messier, the merrier



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