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You Could Be Doing This Wrong With Your Makeup

You Could Be Doing This Wrong With Your Makeup

You want to put your best face forward to the world each day. So you wake up early every morning, without fail, to give yourself enough time to do your makeup. But somewhere around lunch, you catch a glimpse of your face in the mirror, and you’re sort of appalled at what you see. Despite your best efforts, your makeup looks streaky, obvious, or it has disappeared altogether. Take heart and know that you’re not alone. Many of us fail to nail it, and it takes a lot of trial and error to figure out what we’re doing wrong. Over time we all learn from our mistakes. But time is of the essence, so we’re here to help. Ahead we’ll take a look at 5 reasons your makeup isn’t working out, and how to fix the problem. You don’t have to waste any more time learning important makeup lessons.

You Didn’t Prep Your Skin

Problem: Primer is a crucial first step when applying your makeup. If you’re skipping this step, the end result could be makeup that slides, settles in the wrong places, or makeup that disappears altogether.

Solution: Look for a good makeup primer and never go without it. Primers can help you achieve the matte or dewy look (depends on the formula), and they help your makeup stay in place, so you’re not putting out an APB by lunchtime.

You’re Using the Wrong Tools

Problem: Makeup brushes come in a wide variety of sizes for a reason, and if you’re not using the right tool for the job, that’s a recipe for disaster. The brush that works for blush or bronzer won’t work for your eye shadow. Moreover, if you don’t know how to use said brushes, that could lead to streaks and a face full of makeup that’s not blended correctly.

Solution: To ensure that your makeup looks fabulous, a good set of brushes may be a worthy investment. If you don’t have a professional hand for a foundation brush, beauty blenders are great for beginners because they essentially do the heavy lifting for you — it’s in the name.

You’re Doing Your Makeup In the Wrong Light

Problem: Lighting plays a pretty important role in the outcome of your makeup. Very often bathroom lighting is yellow or, regrettably, fluorescent. Doing your makeup under this type of lighting can yield alarming results when you step out into the light of day.

Solution: When it comes to makeup application, natural light is best. There are plenty of bulbs on the market that simulate natural light, and swapping them out should be relatively easy and fairly inexpensive.

Your Skin Needs a Little TLC

Problem: Flawless makeup application begins with healthy skin. Whatever makeup you buy, no matter how expensive, it won’t hide your skin.

Solution: A good skincare routine is a crucial prerequisite to a flawless finish. Daily hydration and regular exfoliation are imperative for gorgeous makeup.

You’re Not Using the Right Formulas for Your Skin Type

Problem: Another reason why your makeup isn’t doing the trick is that you’re not using the right formula for your skin type. While matte makeup is excellent for oily skin, it’s not the best choice for dry skin. Matte makeup tends to stick to dry patches making your skin look— well, patchy. Likewise, if your skin is oily, you may not want an oil-based foundation that compounds the problem.

Solution: This one is simple, be sure to shop for products that work for your skin type. From your face wash to your finishing powder, each one should be formulated for your skin’s specific needs.

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