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Let's Be Real: Who Is Actually Doing The Stocking Cap Method Everyday?

Let's Be Real: Who Is Actually Doing The Stocking Cap Method Everyday?

The evolution of lace frontals continues to amaze me. In the early 2000's, unless your last name was Knowles or you randomly had a celebrity stylist friend, it used to be painfully obvious when someone attempted to venture out into lace front land. I would hold my easy-to-apply lace closure close, and vow to never be caught dead gluing a frontal to my forehead.

Fast forward to the 2010's, and it seems like if you're not rocking a laid frontal, sis, what is you doin'?

wig cap method

If you've been up on black hair YouTube recently, you've probably seen the latest trend in lace frontals called the wig cap method or stocking cap method. It requires a nylon stocking cap (the kind you use to protect your hair underneath a wig) and a WHOLE LOT of gel.

All of the lace frontals I've seen using this technique look like they're literally melting into the scalp. Forget #IssaFrontal because #IssaScalp! But while the look is undoubtedly laid, I have some questions about this popular technique that need answers:

Question 1: Do you take it off everyday?

From the looks of it, most tutorials I've seen on the style take at least an hour to apply. From laying down the stocking cap to cutting the lace to setting the wig, y'all really have time. I hope all that effort means you can rock the look for at least a week. I've seen some people mention they do this everyday, but with all that gel and (I'd assume) washing your hair in between, issa no from me dawg.

Question 2: When it gets hot out and the gel starts to melt, what is your hair situation?

I totally get doing the stocking cap method in the Fall or Spring when the weather is mild and there is no fear of your frontal lifting up for take off. But what about my ladies trying to slay in humid climates? Heat + humidity + a pound of got2b = not good. Is this method durable in the summer or is everyone just hoping for the best when they leave the house. I love a good protective style during the summer, but this one seems risky.

Question 3: Is it worth it?

There's no denying that the results are BOMB. You know a technique is legit when almost every single tutorial ends in a gorgeous and perfectly blended lace front. However, due to my unanswered questions above, as well as the effort it takes to put it on and take it off, I have to ask—is it worth it? I've seen laid frontals without the stocking cap method, but maybe this method is easier? More secure? Who knows—I clearly don't!

Bonus question: Sooo... everyone is really out here really looking like coneheads underneath their wigs? 

I just need to know.

wig cap method

Jokes aside, if you have the energy for this then you're the real MVP. May your frontal forever be laid! Are you a fan of the wig cap method?

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