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Tips on Buying a Wig for Beginners

Tips on Buying a Wig for Beginners

Ready to let your alter-egos shine–playful, fierce, empowered, colorful? They’re all beautifully you and all possible with the perfect wig.

The versatility that wigs offer means you can embrace every side of your personality and do it with ease, but choosing a wig comes with numerous options: lace front, ready-to-wear, 360 degree, synthetic…the options can be overwhelming.

Don’t worry–we’ve got you covered with this complete wig-buying guide that’s sure to help you choose the perfect wig and embrace every side of your amazing self.

Back to Basics: Wig Buying Tips for Head Size & Face Shape

Before we get tangled in all the wig options available, we’ll start with the essentials: what size is your head and what shape is your face.

Why do these two factors matter? They matter because before you can pick a color, texture, or style, you want to know that it will fit and how it will enhance your unique facial features. While some wigs are adjustable, some are offered in sizes, hence the importance of knowing your head size.

Buying a wig, or a few wigs, is a valuable investment, and one you want to feel confident about making. Whether you want to buy a wig online or shop in-store, you’ll have answers to those all-important questions queued up and ready to go for a great shopping experience.

Size It Up: How to Measure Your Head Size

Even if you’re looking at adjustable wigs, knowing your head size is helpful in choosing a variety of different hair-related products, like bundles and closures.

The average size of a woman’s head is between 22 and 23 inches. Since that’s simply an average, and women’s heads can run smaller or larger, many wigs come in a standard size that is adjustable to fit each head well.

wigs caps

To get those measurements just right, follow these wig buying tips for measuring your head:

•       Pull any loose hair away from your face with a clip or headband.

•       Wrap a flexible tape measure around the back of your head at the base of your skull, then pull the tape forward just above your ears so that the end of tape meets at your hairline in center of forehead. This measures the circumference of your head.

•       Place the end of the tape above one ear and pull across the top of your head to the other ear. This measures ear-to-ear distance.

•       Unclip your hair and place the end of the tape at the center of your forehead and pull across the top of your head until it reaches the nape of your neck. This measure front-to-back distance.

When you’ve gathered all measurements, you can apply these to wig-sizing charts to determine your wig size, if applicable.

Facial Recognition: What’s Your Face Shape?

The great thing about wigs is that they come in every shape, style, and color you can dream. The challenging part is choosing the one that compliments your face shape.

It can be hard to know where you fall into that by simple looking at a photo. Thankfully, we’re here to show you how to measure your face, so you know exactly which shape you are.

how to measure your face shape

1.    Measure Forehead: Using a flexible tape measure, stretch the tape from the peak of one brow arch to the peak of the other. Write down the measurement.

2.    Measure Cheekbones: Find the bumps of your cheekbones below the corner of each eye. Measure across from one bump to the other. Write down the measurement.

3.    Measure Jawline: Find where your jaw is widest and measure from one point to the other. Write down the measurement.

4.   Measure Face Length: Measure from the center of forehead at the hairline to the tip of chin. Write down the measurement.

When you have your measurements, use them to help determine what your face shape is. The most common shapes include:

graphic depicting headshape

•       Heart-shaped: Wider at forehead, narrower at the chin.

•       Round: Width of forehead and cheeks are the same, giving cheeks a fuller appearance.

•       Square: Face is same width and length, with more angular jawline.

•       Oval: Face is longer than it is wide.

•       Oblong/Rectangular: Face is long at the sides with forehead and lower face appearing to be the same shape.

•       Diamond: Widest part of face is at cheekbones with forehead and jawline being the same width.

Once you’ve determined your face shape, it will be easier for you to determine the best hairstyle for your face shape so you can purchase the perfect wig.

Embrace Your Style

Now that you know the basics, you can start searching for a wig style that showcases your uniqueness. Whether you want to glam it up, or keep it simple, these wig buying tips will help you pick that perfect texture, color, and wig type.

Texturize Your Look

When it comes to the most natural, healthy looking locks, you can’t beat virgin, human hair wigs These natural wigs have never been dyed, colored, permed, or chemically processed. The strength of virgin hair makes it a great option for long-lasting wigs.

Hair Grade

Another factor to consider is the grade of hair you’re ready to invest in. Remy hair is IT when it comes to amazing quality. Not only is it 100% human hair, but it is collected from a single donor, or a select few, directly from the scalp. Cuticles are intact and strands face in the same direction, so your hair looks shiny and sleek. Remy hair also is less prone to knots, and who doesn’t want less tangles?

The question remains, though: how to buy a wig or bundles with the texture you want? Virgin hair comes in a variety of textures including yaki straight and kinky. Some other popular options include:


virgin straight hair

For that sleek, fierce look that requires minimal effort, virgin straight hair may be your go-to. Known for its smooth texture with no curl, wave, or kink, this look can be rocked during the day or at night.

Yaki Straight

virgin yaki straight hair

What is yaki hair exactly? Yaki hair is gently steamed to give it a micro kink that imitates that look of your natural hair. Each strand has a little wave that gives texture and body.

Kinky Straight

virgin kinky straight hair

When it comes to a kinky straight look, you can’t go wrong. This natural hairstyle is a fashion statement that you’ll want to show off. Kinky straight hair moves freely, pumps up the volume, and mimics the texture of your natural hair.

Body Wave

body wave hair

Body wave hairstyles give your hair an effortless, full appearance. These loose waves mimic the pattern of a wave rather than a tight roll. If this is the texture that seems to fit your lifestyle, keep in mind that the waves can straighten out after many washes.

Loose Wave

loose wave hair

If the look you’re going for is a bouncy curl, loose waves are the way to go. In contrast to body waves, these have more volume, are a tighter curl, and tend to keep their shape longer.

Water Wave

water wave hair

The water wave look is perfect for any occasion, from the office to tropical vacations. These curls give you shine and volume to keep you and your hair center stage.

Deep Wave

deep wave hair

A deep wave look screams confidence with smooth spiral waves. With less shine than water waves, these tight curls give off a full, healthy appearance.


curly hair

A curly look will let your hair take the spotlight. Tight, show-stopping curls give you volume and allow you to show off your bold style to those around you.

Customize with Color

Whether you’re buying a wig online or in a shop, you’ll find that wigs come in any color, from natural hues to playful colors to enhance your wild side. Check out these wig buying tips for boosting your look with color:

•       When investing in a wig, consider whether you’ll want to change the color in the future.

•       Wigs that come pre-dyed can’t be dyed again, so you’ll want to make sure you purchase a wig color that you’ll likely wear again

•       The texture of the hair you purchase may contribute to its color and ability to be dyed.

Dying Wigs

Virgin hair that has not been previously dyed can be colored and bleached to give you the look you want. Keep in mind that dyed virgin hair (that which was dyed after collection) should not be dyed again. If you’re going the synthetic route, you’ll want to avoid dying or processing the hair altogether.

Which Wig Style is For You?

When choosing your wig, you’ll want to consider how you want to style your hair. Why? Because different wigs offer different benefits–like up-dos, voluminous locks, parting options, or ventilation–it’s helpful to know which wigs give you which perks. Check out this wig buying guide for which style compliments your next look.

Ready-to-Wear Wigs

Ready-to-wear wigs give you the fierce look you want with minimal effort. Customize your look with color, texture, length, and style in a matter of minutes and without needing a stylist. Yes, it’s that easy.

Lace Front Wigs

Looking for that natural hairline without a lot of fuss? Lace front wigs may be just what you need.

Lace front wigs get their name because of the lace material on the front of the wig, designed to seamlessly blend in with your skin. Depending on the lace front wig, it may be possible to create a part where the lace has been attached to the wig cap, giving you more options for how to wear your wig.

360 Lace Wigs

Instead of lace only on the front, a 360 lace wig as a perimeter of lace that creates a halo. This gives you all-around protection, a boost in hair density, and the option for up-dos. We love this wig because it’s virtually undetectable and is super versatile.

Choosing a Lace Wig for Your Lifestyle

Now, let’s get down to the details. Do you want a fuller look, a certain lace color, or a particular price point? Check out these wig buying tips for getting the details right.

Density: Pump Up the Volume

Density is typically defined as how thick or thin the hair on your wig will be. When choosing a lace wig, the density will determine how full your hair is to achieve that voluptuous look. Typically, wig densities are measured in percentages and can range from 50% to 200%.

At Mayvenn, the density for our lace front and 360 lace range from:

•       130%

•       150%

•       180%

•       200% (fullest option)

hair density guide

Match It Up: Lace Color

The benefit of lace is it’s ability to blend in with your skin for a natural hairline. If you choose the wrong color, it’ll be difficult to conceal the lace. When you’re wondering how to buy a wig with lace, remember that lace typically comes in two colors: translucent and brown. After wig installation, apply your normal foundation over your hairline, and you’re ready to rock your new look.

Invest in the Best

Whether you want to know how to buy a wig online, in-store, or you’re just educating yourself on different wigs, price is always a factor. One big consideration is wig longevity. Generally, the lower price points don’t offer the quality and longevity of higher price points. The good news is that with proper care, your wig investment will pay off. Here’s a few factors that contribute to wig prices:

•       Virgin human hair vs. synthetic hair

•       Ready-to-wear wigs vs. lace front or 360 lace wigs

•       Hair length and density

•       Type of wig cap

•       Hair pattern

Don’t Stress the Tress

One of the best ways to ensure your wig lasts is giving it proper love and attention. Just like your natural hair, wigs get dirty, oily, and tangled. They need to be gently washed, dried, and brushed to maintain their vigor, but it’s worth the time investment–with good care, some virgin hair wigs can last up to 18 months! Check out these tips for wig care, from how to wash a human hair wig, to brushing and everything in between:

•       Clean gently. Avoid harsh cleansers. Use a tablespoon of sulfate-free shampoo mixed in a spray bottle, then rinse with lukewarm water; 1-2 times a month depending on wear.

•       Dry it out. You can use a hair dryer, but keep in mind that excessive heat can damage your wig and decrease its lifespan. A good alternative is to let your wig air dry.

•       Avoid high heat. Regular exposure to extreme heat, like styling tools and excessive blow drying, can damage the hair and decrease longevity.

•       Easy on the products. Avoid oily styling products that weigh hair down and make cleaning a challenge.

•       De-tangle regularly. Use a wide-tooth comb to gently brush from the ends towards the top, without touching the lace base and catching a weft (woven strands of hair).

Phew–that was a lot of information, but we’re confident you’re ready to find that perfect wig. Now, where to buy a wig. You’re in luck because here at Mayvenn, we’ve got an extensive line of ready-to-wear, lace front, and 360 lace wigs to suit every mood and personality. You can’t beat that. Happy styling!

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