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Why Flaxseed Gel Should Be a Part of Your Natural Hair Care Regime

Why Flaxseed Gel Should Be a Part of Your Natural Hair Care Regime

One thing I learned very young was that my edges could not be left unattended to fend for themselves.  They needed to be gently laid down with oil or slayed in place. Edges had to glisten and my hair could never look dry. As an adult who started to experiment with natural hair styles, I used products to not only control the frizz, but to keep my hair looking shiny and healthy. Unfortunately, many of the products I used over the years to keep my natural hair shiny and frizz free had chemicals that either caused build up, breakage or both. When I discovered the benefits of flaxseed gel oil, I decided to add it to my natural hair care regime. Here’s a few reasons why you should too:

Controls the Frizz

I know you want that baby hair poppin’ and there are many products out there that claim to tame frizz, but if you chose the natural route, chances are you want to avoid too many unnatural solutions for styling. Using flaxseed gel takes care of the frizz without harming your hair. The best part: it doesn’t harden your hair or leave a greasy residue.

Encourages Hair Growth

Whether you choose a wig, sew in, or braids as a protective style to lengthen your locks, you want to give your natural hair its best chance to thrive. The biggest factor for the growth of your hair is the health of your scalp. Flax seeds contain vitamin B, magnesium, manganese, selenium, and Omega 3 fatty acids which help to treat the scalp, prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.  Weekly hot oil treatments with flax seed gel is said to stimulate skin cells to thicken and lengthen the hair.

Defines Curls

Flax seed gel is a great alternative to a traditional setting lotion. If you are looking for soft natural-looking defined curls or coils, adding the gel to your hair could help showcase your natural curl pattern without the crunch. You can use it to create wash and gos, braid out, or twist out styles. It will add moisture and a glossy shine to your hair without the build up or flaking that can occur from some products.  

Reduces Brittleness

It doesn’t matter how well you wrap your hair up at night, if the ends of the hair are brittle, there will be breakage. Improving the elasticity of your hair is key. By working the gel from the root to the ends of the hair, you will help seal the cuticle and protect it from breaking.

Where to Find It

Many companies sell their own brand of flaxseed gel. Look for gels that don’t have too many ingredients to get the best benefits from the flax seeds. If you want to make the gel yourself, you can find organic (recommended) flax seeds at any health food store or Trader Joes.

Or, Choose to Make Your Own

Making flaxseed gel is very easy. All you need is flax seeds, water, a small pot, and one knee-high stocking. Yes, a knee-high stocking. (I’ll get to why later)

  • Pour ¼ cup of seeds into a pot of 2 1/2 cups of water. Let boil for about 10 minutes.
  • Remove from the heat and let sit for about 45 minutes, so it can cool and thicken. The biggest challenge you’ll face is separating the seeds from the gel. This is where the knee-hi comes in. You’ll use the stocking to filter the gel.
  • Once you fill the knee high, you can squeeze the gel through the stocking into a glass mason jar and leave the seeds behind. If you add 3-5 drops of essential oil like lavender or ylang ylang, you can increase the benefits and shelf life. It should last up to three weeks if properly refrigerated.
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