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Want To Know The Perfect Blonde For Your Skin Tone? | Take The Quiz!

Want To Know The Perfect Blonde For Your Skin Tone? | Take The Quiz!

So you've decided to go blonde for the summer. Before you run off to Goodwill to find a Marilyn Monroe-style white dress and awkwardly pose on top of a subway grate, hold the hair dye.

While blonde has a certain transformative aspect that can make you feel some type of way, choosing the wrong shade can leave you feeling more stale and annoyed than fresh and brand new. Between honey blonde, ombrè, balayage, strawberry blonde, platinum blonde--it's no wonder why finding the right blonde for your skin tone (without professional help) can seem impossible.

Luckily for you, you're not alone. Since we're all friends here, we've created a fun quiz to help you get your life and find out which blonde is right for you (quiz is at the end of this post). No need to thank us--we're here to make sure your hair is always on point.

Not ready to dye your real hair blonde? At Mayvenn, we carry essential blondes in platinum with dark roots, dark blonde with dark roots, and our newly launched full dark blonde bundles. You can even grab a matching closure or frontal to complete your look. Our pre-bleached bundles are ready for you or your stylist to dye or wear as is. So when we say our hair is hassle-free, we mean it.which blonde is right for you GET THIS LOOK graf082A1225


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Which blonde is right for you? Take the quiz now!

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Are you trying out blonde for the summer? Start with Mayvenn Blonde hair, and let us know your quiz results in the comments!

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