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Weave 101: How To Make A U-Part Wig

How To Make A U-Part Wig

If you’ve been sleep to the wig game, it's time we introduced you to one of the beauty communities most beloved protective styles: the u part wig.  A U-part wig is a wig with a U-shaped opening at the front that allows you to blend your leave out or attach a closure. It's a great protective style that allows for endless versatility, and will save you both time and patience. Yet, despite seemingly infinite options, it's easy to still find yourself at the beauty supply store scanning rows and rows of options, stocking cap in hand, unable to find that “it” wig.  Or, you’re on your 15th YouTube video review trying to determine if a wig will look as good on you as it does on these YouTubers. If what you want doesn't exist, create it by getting crafty and making your own U-part wig.

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Benefits of a U-Part Wig

As with most protective styles, there are a handful of notable benefits to rocking a U-part.

  1. Major time saver. There’s no need to fuss with sewing in individual tracks. In a matter of minutes you can pop on your U-part and head out.
  2. Complete access to your hair. U-parts give you the freedom to remove them, take care of your hair and scalp, and then reinstall the wig.
  3. Versatility! Since U-parts are made by you, for you, you’re free to have a custom unit for everyday of the week.
  4. Less tension. If sew-ins are your usual go to, U-parts allow you to skip tight braids and stress on your edges.

Ready to get started? Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to make your own.

These  supplies can be purchased at  your local craft or beauty supply store.

Main Tools

There are two popular methods for u-part creation: the sewing method and the hot glue gun method. The tools you need will be based on which method you use.

  • Wig Cap or U-Part wig cap
  • Foam Head
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • C-curved needle
  • Thick Black Thread
  • Bundles of Choice (2-3 bundles depending on the volume and length desired)


  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue gun sticks

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The traditional sew-in method utilizes your needle and thread to secure the wefts. This is probably the best to method for longevity and making sure your tracks stay put. Hot Glue Using a hot glue gun is a great alternative to secure your wefts if you’re strapped for time. We do advise that if you have a sensitive scalp to proceed with caution as to avoid potential negative reactions to the glue.

Creation + Installation

Creating a u part wig is better shown than explained. Check out exactly how to do both methods below with these tutorials from some of our favorite Youtuber's. Sewing Method via @ChrissyCousin or Hot Glue Gun Method via @TheBrilliantBeauty 

Weave 101: Final Tips

  1. Before you start making your wig, decide how much leave-out you want and mark accordingly on your wig cap. This will help avoid making the ‘U’ too large or small.
  2. As you begin sewing on the final rows of tracks, be sure they are laying as flat and close together as possible. This will make styling and blending much easier.
  3. When cutting the excess fabric, take care to not cut too close to the tracks
  4. For securing your u-part, you can either sew-in clips, use the elastic band method, or sew it down onto your perimeter braids. We’re partial to clips and the elastic band because they allow you the freedom of removing your wig nightly to provide your natural tresses with extra TLC.
  5. Be sure to show your wig some TLC too with co-washes and daily conditioning. For co-washing consider Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist and Oyin’s Hair Dew for everyday moisturizing.
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