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The Best Hair & Beauty YouTube Channels to Follow

The Best Hair & Beauty YouTube Channels to Follow

For over a decade, YouTube has been one of the social media platforms dominating the internet. Because of YouTube, people are able to share their opinions on a variety of topics, find tutorials for DIY projects, makeup and hair videos, and everything in between.

YouTube has allowed Black women to create spaces that showcase how to care for natural hair, braids, and extensions. The platform has also created a space for us to learn how to braid, install wigs, do twist outs, and style our hair.

Popular creators like Jackie Aina and Kellie Sweet have been successful in paving the way for other Black women to create content. If you’re looking for more inspiring creatives to support, here are some of the YouTube channels we are currently loving:

Joi Wade

With over 125k followers on YouTube, Joi Wade offers videos on natural hair care, hairstyles, and business and career tips. Wade showcases videos on detangling her natural 4c hair, protective styles, and products, and she even has her own natural hair wash day kit called Joiful Bee.

Jayla Koriyan

Jayla Koriyan is an Atlanta-based YouTuber who does travel vlogs, beauty tutorials, fashion videos, and more. She posts weekly on both of her channels, which have a combined following of over 500k subscribers.

Chev B.

Chev B. is a go-to for hair reviews and videos on braids. Her channel, which has over 441k subscribers, features reviews on headband wigs, locs tutorials, and makeup tutorials.


With a huge following of over 3 million followers, Lisette creates videos on everything from fashion to beauty to hair and girl talk. Lisette features content on different hairstyles for curly hair, box braid tutorials, skincare tips, and natural and glam makeup looks.


Kiitana is an LA-based YouTuber who focuses mainly on hair tutorials and reviews. She has videos on crochet braid tutorials, along with wig try on’s and makeup tutorials.

The Chic Natural

Kim of The Chic Natural is a well-known YouTuber with a following of over 2 million subscribers. Her channel is hair galore, with braid and loc tutorials, wash ‘n go tutorials, wig installations, hair products, and more.

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