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The Best Blush Products for Deep Skin

The Best Blush Products for Deep Skin

As a Black woman, finding the perfect makeup products can be a challenge. From finding the right shade of foundation, to the right colored blush products and highlighters, having to deal with makeup brands who do not value dark skin or inclusivity can be a struggle. While increasingly more brands are making more efforts to be inclusive, there are many brands that have been creating products for darker skin tones for years now. Blush is one of the most important products when it comes to inclusivity in beauty. Finding a shade of blush that complements your skin can make or break your entire makeup look. Here are some of the best blush products for deeper skin.

Glossier’s Cloud Paint

Glossier’s Cloud Paint is the perfect pigmented liquid blush that makes your cheeks pop with color. Glossier’s blush is cruelty-free, easy to use, and made with collagen. The applicator makes the blush easy to use and apply: you just squeeze a little bit of blush on your fingers, apply on the apples of your cheeks, and blend out. This blush is available in 8 colorful shades in hues of pink, coral, and plum, and can be purchased for $18 on Glossier’s website.

Merit’s Flush Balm

If you’re looking for a creamy and pigmented blush, Merit’s Flush Balm is the product for you. The cream tint blush is the perfect product for giving your cheeks a natural flush plus pigmented color that will last all day. The blush comes in 6 different shades in hues of brown, pink, and red, and is available for $28 on their website.


From powder blush, to stick blush, to liquid blush, Colourpop has it all! The makeup brand has tons of different blush products, all catering to darker skin tones. Their blush products come in many shades, from bright colors like pink and coral, to darker shades of brown and orange. You can purchase Colourpop’s blush products on their website, with products ranging from $7-$18.

Fenty Beauty’s Cream Blush

Rihanna has been killing it in the makeup game for the past few years now. With the launch of her brand Fenty Beauty in 2017, the brand has quickly risen to the top and become one of the most well-known beauty brands in the world. One of the many products that Fenty Beauty has perfected is their Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush. This creamy blush comes in 10 different shades that melt into your skin, giving it that effortless and colorful glow. The blush is available on Fenty Beauty’s website for $20.

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