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Team Spotlight: Staneisha

Team Spotlight: Staneisha

Neisha is a humble person, but I’m in charge of highlighting our Mayvenn fam so I’m coming through with the #HumbleBrag. As our PR Coordinator, she’s responsible for building partnerships, cultivating plans to connect the outside world to all things Mayvenn, and a plethora of other internal and external projects that keep content flowing. Aside from having the best Afrobeats playlist of all time (don’t @ me), she’s a hardworking MBA student and a consistent creative force. Here are some fast facts about our San Francisco-bred, in-house fashionista:


Staneisha, many people call her Neisha

Job Title:

Public Relations Coordinator

**What are your go-to Mayvenn products? **

I'm bald, so a wig is everything for me! Playful Peyton and Notorious Naomi are my faves.  

Why Mayvenn?

Mayvenn is doing the unprecedented, and not to mention it's black-owned. The vision and goal to empower women of color was enough to get me.

**What have been your biggest learnings while being here? **

I've learned that it takes a team to build an empire. No matter your position here at Mayvenn, your input and expertise is valued. Everyone plays a key role in the success of the company.

**What inspires you? **

Two things: my family and my fear of being a failure.

Any pets and/or family that steal the shine?

My son who is also my cat, Eminem (Yes, like the rapper)

Describe your fashion sense:

Eclectic casual/Effortless chic

**Fave travel destination? **

Ghana and Benin Republic are my favorite places that I’ve visited so far.

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