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Style Spotlight: Marjorie Harvey

Style Spotlight: Marjorie Harvey

If you do a quick Google search, there’s not much you can find online about Marjorie Harvey. Outside of being the wife of comedian and talk show guru Steve Harvey, not much is known about her. However, one thing can’t be denied - Mrs. Harvey has impeccable style. And at 54 years old, she’s slaying and representing for the “middle aged” crew fiercely!

What we do know about Marjorie is her love of fashion. She’s a regular attendee of Paris Fashion Week and shops around the world, continuing to add to a closet that probably resembles a medium-sized boutique.

As the owner of fashion and lifestyle website The Lady Loves Couture that launched in 2014, Marjorie has become known for her beauty and style; she is often sought after by designers to rock their latest runway looks and bring their most prized pieces to market. She wears all of the top designers from Chanel to Dolce & Gabbana and Alexander McQueen; her favorites send pieces as gifts and she shows them off via her Instagram page as other fashionistas marvel.

The site chronicles her fabulous fashion excursions, and she also uses it as a tool to provide tips for living lavishly on any budget. When asked why she wanted to start her blog, Marjorie says: “I saw a huge opportunity to reinvent the modern interpretation of elegance and sophistication. I wanted to share my passion for various facets of the fashion industry with the public, and I wanted to provide insight into an exclusive world that is often unseen by most. It was important to me that couture admirers from all walks of life be invited to enjoy the party.”

Stunning for any age, it’s impressive how up-to-date Marjorie’s fashions are. In an interview with Ebony Magazine where she discussed the launch of Marjorie Harvey’s Closet, an exclusive online luxury consignment boutique (via her actual closet) that features pieces for up to 75% off their original prices, she talked about the importance of not shying away from trends. “Trend is not a dirty word,” she said. “Trends are constantly changing and that’s the exciting, ever-evolving part of fashion. They keep you fresh, alive and relevant.” But, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy the classics. “The classic silhouettes convey substance and staying power. Combining the two makes for a rich style statement.”

It’s also worthy to note that a percentage of sales from her online closet are donated to The Steve Harvey Foundation, proving that she’s both fashionable and charitable! Not only does Marjorie inspire women around the world to look their best, but her husband Steve Harvey also credits her for his style evolution.

When asked how she pulled it off, Marjorie says it was about convincing him to tone his look down by losing the full colored suits in exchange for something a bit more elegant and timeless. “Steve has always been an extremely good looking man with his own sense of style,” she explained. “But, in my opinion, he just needed to bring in his suits a little bit, tone down the colors and take off those big hats so the rest of world could see just how fine he is! (laughs) Even when he shaved his head, to me he looked 10 years younger. So I said, “Baby, you don’t need all of that. Sometimes less is more.”

I guess the saying is right, a good woman can bring out the best in a man - even in his personal fashion choices.

You can keep up with Marjorie’s style adventures on Instagram.


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