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Reveal Your 2018 Hair Horoscope

Reveal Your 2018 Hair Horoscope

The stars say it all! If your horoscope is a sneak peek into the future of you, your hair horoscope is a sneak peek into the future slay. Find your sign by clicking through below, read your horoscope, and shop your sign's perfect hair look!


hair horoscope aries

Your Horoscope: As an Aries, you thrive on transformative experiences and being able to express your true self. This year is all about patience. You'll be tasked with taking a few calculated risks, and, if you see it through, those risks could pay off in a big way. Just remember to keep a level head through it all. Your hair on the other hand waits for no one. You care about your appearance, and don't mind spending a few extra minutes making sure it's telling the story you want it to tell. A half-braided, half wand curled look will have you feeling like a fierce fairy godmother.

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![hair horoscope taurus](
**Your Horoscope:  **Two is your magic number this year. Whether for love, career, or a satisfying creative project - the power of working in pairs will be revealed. Get ready to meet people with a completely different perspective on life than you. In the past, you might've felt threatened by these people and closed off, but this year they'll begin to feel like magic. Go for a bodaciously full head of deep waves that will undoubtedly draw all sorts of people to you.

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hair horoscope gemini

**Your Horoscope: **This year is all about buckling down and getting to business for you, dear Gemini! Your idea list for passion projects and side hustles is on exponential growth mode this year. You're not messing around with achieving some of your most idealistic goals this year, and you need a no-fuss hairstyle to match. This short, edgy look is a modern day bowl cut that lets everyone know that your chic, fashionable, and not playing any games.

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hair horoscope cancer

**Your Horoscope: **This year will be a major year for you in the game of love. With Jupiter settling in your passionate fifth house, there will be an abundance of hot and flirty flings in your life and you're here for it! Get ready to bask in your "It factor" glow. If you're a Cancer on the shy side, your shell is in prime form to shed. With passion and confidence in the air, go for a sleek crimson look that lets the world know you're ready to take it on.

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hair horoscope leo

**Your Horoscope: **Superstar Leo is facing a year that is both influential and introverted (go figure). The Leo is all about authenticity, but with a Leo eclipse fully underway, you're ability to confidently act in the heat of the moment might be thrown for a loop. This is a good thing! Your identity personal goals are getting a facelift, and you'll be spending a lot of time figuring out the new, true you. Keep your hair fiery with va-va-voom waves that make a statement.

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hair horoscope virgo

**Your Horoscope: **Come out come out, wherever you are, Virgo - this year is yours for the creative taking! Cultivating awesome friendships with people working on cool projects will be easy for you this year. Invest in yourself and try to find a mentor or a friend who's been there, done that who can help propel you forward. When it comes to your hair, make sure it reflects the awesomely expressive and creative year that's ahead. This lavender bob is the perfect mix of fun and Virgo perfectionism. It’s easy, versatile and on-trend, which ticks all of your boxes.

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hair horoscope libra

**Your Horoscope: **When self-worth and net worth are knocking, you better answer the door Libra! This year will bring your cash flow all the way up Fat Joe voice so get ready to buy a bigger wallet. You're finally going to see the pay you deserve. Once your money gets in formation, you'll be ready to fearlessly own your desires and create new opportunities. Let's be real, something about blondes always get what they want and this year you're getting yours so don't be afraid to go for it!

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hair horoscope scorpio

**Your Horoscope: **Jupiter just landed in your sign for the first time since 2006 bringing with it a fresh new cycle on your life! Use this time to take risks, try new things, and discover new passions that give you a greater excitement about life. Need ideas on new ventures? Sign up for classes, take vacations, get a side hustle if your 9-to-5 isn't cutting it. This year is all about you and finding out how to feed your mysterious, yet independent energy. Go for a look that's simple, like a half-up half-down look, and add your own personal touch to your makeup and jewelry.

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hair horoscope sagittarius

Trying to force things in 2018 will be pointless, Sagittarius. If you resist what the universe has in store for you, you'll be facing an uphill battle that you'll have to fight the whole year. Once you let go, you'll find the support you need to move forward. Leave what you don't need behind and move forward with a clean slate. When you need to cut through the BS of life, cut off that extra length you don't need. A wavy lob is the perfect look for leaving what's not for you behind and taking exactly what you need.

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hair horoscope capricorn

**Your Horoscope: **Ready to upgrade yourself to version 2.0? Time to take inventory of your goals and values to see how they align. Whether you change your hair, friends, or diet, you'll be attracting some new, wise people into your orbit. During the second half of the year, new creative and romantic synergies could be on the rise, bringing new partnership opportunities in the realm of either the romantic or professional. You're changing from the inside out this year - revel in it with a confidently sexy look that embraces all the new-new life has to offer!

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hair horoscope black girl

**Your Horoscope: **You're about to have a helluva lucky year in regards to your career, Aquarius! Your luck may take you to the executive suite or as far as a new city. By May, you might start thinking of buying a home, moving, or starting a family. While others adjust to a new and improved you, you'll be busy making moves that set the tone for the rest of your life. Things may seem in complete flux, but the payoff will be worth it. Let your creative and quirky side shine.

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hair horoscope black girl

**Your Horoscope: **As the dreamer of the zodiac, it's time to indulge in some self-discovery. Whether that be through travel, exploring, or taking a workshop, it's time to connect your inner self to the wide world. A collaboration with other vibrant souls could level up into a seriously promising endeavor. Cultivate those relationships - they'll turn out to be priceless!

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