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Fire It Up: 5 Reasons You Should Go Red This Fall

Red Hot Hair Inspiration for Black Women

We recently found an article published on a popular fashion website which focused on highlighting all the diverse skin tones that can rock red hair. While reading the piece, one part in particular stood out:

'It seems like someone started a rumor years ago that red hair only looks good if you have one of three skin tones: fair, fairer, and fairest. We're here (along with Rihanna) to officially set the record straight: We've found a wide range of gorgeous reds for a similarly wide range of complexions.'

In theory, this would've been great to see women with different complexions in that fabulous red hair color. But in practice, the celebrities they used to highlight their 'wide range of complexions' included: Christina Hendricks, Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, Amy Adams, Molly Sims, Kate Mara, Eva Longoria, and Rihanna. Four of them were labeled 'Fair,' six of them are Caucasian, and one of them is Rihanna. Which, we get it, Rihanna is so ethereal that she basically counts for three people--but seriously?

In an effort to actually shutdown the myth that red hair only looks good on fairer skin tones, here are five reasons why red hair looks great on women of color, and why you should consider it this Fall/Winter season.

Your Hair Will Speak For Itself



If you want to make a statement before people even know who you are, red is the color for you. At a party filled with brunettes and blondes, redheads are the spicy friend who not only brings tequila, but makes everyone do shots!

The Shade Options Are Endless

red hair on black womenInstagram / @ashleycmeverett


Just like Kim Kardashian reading every last Taylor Swift 'Famous' receipt, it's all about the shade when it comes to red hair. Those with a darker complexion and dark eyes look great in deep reds with blue undertones like crimson and violet. Those with fairer skin can rock gingers, auburns, and orange-reds like nobody's business. The options are endless when it comes to this shade.

Red Is Inclusive

red hair on black womenInstagram / @glamstylistxo


Still, not enough people are making the switch! Whether you're undertones are cool, neutral, or warm -- red hair will work for you. And we haven't seen a brown-skin babe with red hair we didn't like. While pinks, oranges, and blues, may fall too far outside of the normal hair color spectrum for some, red is a color that is both neutral and exciting. Peep the evidence:

red hair on black women

Instagram / @peakmilll



Instagram / @mayvennhair


red hair on black women


It's Fashion-Forward

screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-3-13-56-pmInstagram / @passionjonesz12


A true fashionista can make most colors work for her look. But certain colors coordinate with red hair a little TOO well. As a redhead, greens, navy blue, and true purple make stunning sartorial choices. Get ready for heads to turn your way, whether you want them to or not.

You Might Get Chose


Instagram / @phillydiva


According to Scientific American, 'Psychologists Andrew J. Elliot and Daniela Niesta Kayser, found that male experimental participants perceived women as more attractive and sexually desirable when wearing red, as compared with seeing the same women in other colors or achromatic hues. Somehow red causes a viewer to favor one candidate over another.' In other words--if you're partnered up, get ready for a whole lot more lovin', and if you're single, it's cuffing season and your hair needs to be red ASAP (I'm kidding...but not really).

Tips for Maintenance

Here are some essential tips to keep your red as vibrant as possible:

  • Use a shampoo and conditioner that protects colored hair.
  • Clean your hair with cold water. Hot water will make your hard-earned red slip right out.
  • To maintain your color, you'll have to do a color application about once a month. Consult your local stylist to get this done!

We hope we've inspired you to try the color red! Let us know in the comments if you're rocking it now--or plan to rock it soon!

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