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4 Hair Trends That Need To Stay In 2017

4 Hair Trends That Need To Stay In 2017

New year, new you? Hopefully!

Most women enter into the New Year with a new hairstyle, wardrobe and attitude. There were a ton of hair trends in 2017. From the comeback of natural hair braids and twists to the evolution of lace fronts and frontals, 2017 has been the year of hair yay’s! But with progress comes regress and there are some ratchet hairstyles and trends I would LOVE to keep from graduating to the next class. Here are 4 hairstyles and trends that I’d love to stay stagnant.

Blue Hair – From the entire cast of Love & Hip Hop New York

ratchet hairstyles love and hip hop***

Photo: VH1

***ratchet hairstyles love and hip hop

ratchet hairstyles love and hip hop


Bossip did an entire article based on the cast of Love & Hip Hop NY rocking blue hair that included commentary from Black Twitter and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This has been a growing trend on this specific franchise. Blue hair has become akin to a hair uniform on this show. You’re telling me that there’s not a single hair stylist on the cast who wanted their client to look different? Or maybe all the hair stores in Brooklyn only sell that one hue.? At this point, I don’t even know who is who (except for Queen Remy).  For the viewer’s sake, some originality would be helpful.

Kim Kardashian’s Morticia Adams Signature Tresses

Photo: Instagramratchet hairstyles kim kardashianPhoto: Instagram

I used to love Kim Kardashian for her bodycon dresses and Barbie doll waved hair. That was pre-Kanye. Kim has become a walking shade of nude with a Morticia Adams straight hair do. Now, many have mastered this style: Cher, Madonna, Beyonce’ and more. But the difference between the other style icons and Kim is that they made their hair statement once and NOT for a full calendar year! She literally wears this hair daily: to lunch, every awards ceremony, to the gym and obviously to and from her stylists’ chair. 

At times, it may be dyed platinum blonde or on a random day, she’ll wear a bone straight short cut with the scissor marks visibly shown. No curls, no old-school bump or slight wave, just straight. It’s hard to tell which day many of these photos are taken on because her hairstyle remains the same, and so does the color of her clothing. It’s boring and frankly, I'm sick of seeing it.

Eye-Covering Bang – Girl, Can You Even See?

ratchet hairstylesPhoto: Instagram

I LOVE a good bang. Whether it's straight across or a diagonal bang reminiscent of 1996 Aaliyah, you can never really go wrong with one. It’s also an easy and fun way to give your overall look some flare. What I don’t like is the bang that stretches from your root to your top cheek bone or your bottom lip. Sis, you are not SIA. The lengths of bangs seems to get longer by the year. I don’t know where or when this trend started, but I would like for it to stop. Keep it up, and you might actually lose your eyesight when a flyaway gets caught up in your pupil.

VICKS Vapor Rub to Grow Your Mane

Yes, you read that right. Vapor rub as in VICKS vapor rub that we normally use to cure our colds...on our natural hair. Ladies…HOW?! And more importantly, WHY? Who approved such an executive order on our heads? First and foremost, the ingredients in VICKS informs me that it’s not designed for our hair.

One of the main ingredients in VICKS is petroleum, which is pretty much Vaseline. We use Vaseline for healing of scrapes and bruises, some of us use it for our ashy ankles. Back in the day (and in some hoods of today), we used it to protect our faces from scarring during a fist fight. But petroleum should never come near your hair! VICKS is a topical product, not a hair product, and like most topical products, there are many allergens that can affect your scalp. Leave VICKS to fight your nasty head cold and NOT to heal your edges.

What were some of your least favorite hair trends this year? Or maybe you're a fan of ratchet hairstyles? Let us know in the comments!

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