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Protecting Our Crowns: Protective Hairstyles For Every Occasion

Protecting Our Crowns: Protective Hairstyles For Every Occasion

Protective hairstyles have become a Black woman’s lifeline in order to wave through the pandemic and focus on other timely priorities - like our mental health. For hair growth, protective hairstyles preserve our natural hair by protecting it from tugging and unnecessary manipulation. Protective hairstyles can be essential for healthy natural hair, and for those transitioning, it is often the first step towards identifying what does and doesn’t work for your hair.

While protective hairstyles might seem like an easy solution, it’s important to ensure that they’re done right. Here are a few protective hairstyles for every occasion:

Spring Twists

Spring Twists do offer longevity by lasting three weeks or more, but can actually look more authentic and 'lived in' the longer they are worn. They’re perfect for the season matching the style's name; just sparingly add some natural and moisturizing hair oil to maintain this style.

Twist & Braid Outs

Many believe these styles to be the safest option in their protective haircare routine, and if you’re looking to keep things personalized then this is the look that you want to try. With minimal effort, these styles come with no tension and allow for the full benefits of keeping your natural hair tangle-free. Simply section your hair, stretch your hair out with your fingers using a dab of moisturizer, and twist your hair together using two or three strands. For braid-outs, braid your hair the night before, wrap it and wake up to unravel and style your set.

Knotless Braids

If you’re choosing to wear braids, it’s important to remember to keep your scalp clean and your ends moisturized. Tea tree oil products, like Eden BodyWorks, help give your scalp a boost and keep your braids refreshed. This hairstyle can list 1-2 months, depending on your maintenance routine. If cared for and removed properly, you can expect to see thicker, fuller hair in most cases. Braids, depending on the technique used, are a time commitment, so make sure you’re invested in this style before sitting down at the salon.

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