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Perfect Gift Ideas For The Hair Product Junkie In Your Life

Perfect Gift Ideas For The Hair Product Junkie In Your Life

If you’ve walked into ANY store recently, you’re painfully aware that the holidays are almost upon us. Though they’re not quite as close as the department stores would have you believe, there’s no reason to wait until December 20 to start figuring out your gifts this year, especially if your friends are like me – total hair product junkies.

Unlike dads, boyfriends, or grandmas, hair product junkies aren’t difficult at all to buy gifts for. If I receive a product that I’ve never used before that comes with great recommendations, I’m guaranteed to be excited when I open the box. But there is also a range of other gifts that hair enthusiasts will love, from the best brush ever to the perfect hair-friendly winter hat.

From me to you, here are 8 perfect gift ideas for your local beloved hair product junkie.

Wet brush

If you know anything about natural hair, you know that brushes are generally a no-go. It’s all about the wide-tooth comb. Right? Wrong. A Wet brush is a hair product junkie’s new best friend. It aids in detangling, distributing product, and defining curls. It somehow makes detangling a really easy, pain-free experience, and it also reduces damage from breakage. This brush is a must.

[Travel-size hair products


Traveling with cute hair is difficult, to say the least, which is why many women resort to protective styles. However, it is possible to travel and keep your hair healthy and cute at the same time. Many brands now offer travel sized products. They’re cute, they’re convenient, and they won’t piss off TSA.
Bonus: Travel-sized products are a great way to sample new products without committing to the full size. And hair product junkies love sampling new products.

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Satin-lined hat

Wow, are these hats a game-changer! They look like regular baseball hats and beanies but they are lined with satin, just like your bonnet. That means you get the comfort, frizz reduction, moisture retention, and style protection that a bonnet offers… while you wear your cute hat in public. Amazing.

Curl Keeper spray bottle

If there’s one thing that your hair needs, it’s water. It’s the most basic moisturizer that there is, and on some days, it’s all your hair really needs. But regular spray bottles leave much to be desired. They either don’t spray enough water or they spray too much. Well, welcome to the perfect solution. The Curl Keeper H2O spray bottle provides a continuous spray, which evenly distributes the perfect amount of mist. It’s a miracle.

[An indulgent hair mask


Even dedicated product junkies may be hesitant to spend $30 on a 4 oz hair mask. But the holidays are the perfect time to help your loved ones indulge in the special things, the ones that they likely won’t buy for themselves. Spring for a hair mask like the Innersense Hydrating Hair Masque, which won the 2018 Editor’s Choice award at NaturallyCurly. It’s expensive, but it’ll make a hair product junkie’s day.

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]([Best “Denim” Head Wrap. Why the best you ask? It’s 5 inches wider than the original. Versatile for more styles and more coverage. @alinacarson also makes it look so GEWD. #denim #headwrap #SOGEWD](

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A gorgeous, well-made headwrap is always a safe bet for a hair product junkie. Because you can never have too many headwraps. They’re great for bad hair days, fancy nights out, or just adding a pop of fun color to a regular outfit. Try Fanm Djanm or the Wrap Life for some cute options.

Hair spa treatment

Gift a hair product junkie with a fancy spa treatment at a local salon, and they will love you forever. Look for spas that offer scalp massage, hot oil treatments, hair masks, and other rejuvenating treatments that will bring your friend’s hair to the next level.

[Inflatable hair dryer


Okay, yes, these hair dryers look a little ridiculous, but also, drying your hair is a pain and these inflatable hair dryer attachments make it easier. Instead of holding your hair dryer at awkward angles for 20 minutes, you can just put this on and set it on low. You can also use them to add heat to at-home hair treatments.

Got any tried and true tips of your own? Share in the comment section!

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