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Meet Our Ready to Wear Wigs

Meet Our Ready to Wear Wigs

Ready to Wear Wigs are here! Our long-anticipated latest releases are perfect for a quick, convenient switch up. Available in side part, center part, and bang styles, RTW Wigs require less customization and prep work than traditional Lace Front or 360 units. Each wig, given a special name and personality description, is available in a variety of colors: Virgin #1B Natural Black, pre-colored #1 Jet Black, and pre-colored #2 Chocolate Brown. With looks suited for each and every one of your alter egos, check out the newest styles added to our Mayvenn repertoire - and their grab n’ go vibes to match!

King Keri

King. Keri. The head honcho, the don diva, the slay goddess extraordinaire. Keri has her own ideas about what should happen and why - and you better follow suit.

Edgy Edna

What’s more edgy than a strong style statement? Edna boasts blunt bangs and a sleek silhouette, perfect for bringing out the boldness in you.

Timeless Toni

Timeless Toni has no problem keeping it all the way classy and cute, all the time. From the office to the VIP section, she’s the kind of woman who can hold it down in any situation.

Jazzy Jasmine

Fun, flirty, and dripping in finesse, Jasmine is always on the go. Her easygoing waves are the perfect complement to any of life’s ebbs and flows

Stylish Stony


Stony is as on-point as her name suggests. From business meetings to happy hours, she encompasses an elegance that is truly classic.

Playful Peyton

Playful Peyton lives her best life without limits.  She’s living large and taking charge - in the most authentic way possible. She gets things done and gets them done right, all while having fun with the process.

Lavish Lola

Lola is extravagant. Luxury vacations, 5 star accommodations - she’s fancy and in full effect.

Trendy Tammi

Tammi is your down-to-earth, fun loving round-the-way-girl. She always knows what’s happening and keeps up with the latest events, celebrity news, and trends.

Notorious Naomi

Naomi is well-known and well-spoken. Whether she’s chatting with family or taking charge at work, her presence commands respect. Notorious!

Which Ready to Wear Wigs best suit your favorite alter egos?

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