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In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are honoring some of the brave women who are fighting in the battle against breast cancer. The launch of Mayvenn’s wig line has enabled us to become a resource and source of solace for every kind of beautiful.

We've partnered with SHADE, an influencer management agency for black and brown creators, and NYC-based artist Moshoodat to create an awe-inspiring visual campaign…

Carol, an extremely hard worker and vibrant spirit, was diagnosed with cancer in July 2014 and has undergone both chemotherapy and radiation treatments. She has been through a love/hate relationship with her hair and misses the ability to use hairstyles as “quick fixes”, like the way she was able to before the effects of treatment. She hopes that other survivors stay empowered and remember that “your hair doesn’t wear you, you wear the hair”.

Jeanetta is a 5 year survivor who has been through many changes as a result of medication and radiation. She has kept an optimistic outlook and strives to view being able to experiment with her look as a positive opportunity. Jeanetta has remained steadfast on the focus that “cancer would disrupt her life, but it would not take her life”. She hopes that other survivors will find the strength to use whatever is available to them in order to help them feel more comfortable and better about themselves as a whole.

Rose is a survivor that was first diagnosed over 20 years ago. When she first heard about her prognosis, her initial thoughts were of her son. As an on-the-go athlete and supporter of all things active, Rose loves that wigs allow her the ability to bring back the versatility she once had with her hair. She notes that although it was a devastating experience, she always lets people know that having cancer caused her to be more aware of her health and wellness.

Moshoodat is a creative director, body paint artist, makeup guru, and self-described “manifestor”. Her mission encompasses the empowerment and celebration of women of color, and aims to “redefine and restore” our innate sense of glory.

“I've always wanted women of color to see the light and the magic we carry! I want women of color to be looked at on a high pedestal. “ - Moshoodat S.

This campaign means so much to Mayvenn; we are deeply inspired by the strength and resilience of all women who have been affected by breast cancer. We are excited to announce our partnership with Bright Pink, and will be donating $5 of every wig sale made from October 16 - November 10 to help fund breast cancer prevention. 

Check out this special page for more information about our campaign and the opportunity to share your story.


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