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Love Beauty & Fashion? Check Out These Platforms

Love Beauty & Fashion? Check Out These Platforms

For a long while, the beauty and fashion industries’ major players have been dominated by more of the same. While both industries have become more diverse over the years, Black women have been speaking out more about the discrimination they’ve felt working in these industries.

After civil rights’ uprisings during years past, many Black women working in beauty and fashion started to speak out about racism in the industry and their experiences as Black women in fashion and beauty. More people were calling out fashion and beauty brands and publications for flat out racism, discrimination, and their lack of support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Working in a predominantly white industry and dealing with racism and discrimination on a daily basis can have an effect on anyone. Due to this, women of color have had to form their own groups and communities within these industries in order to create safe spaces. Here are some of our favorite fashion and beauty platforms created by Black women, for Black women.

Black in Fashion Council

The Black in Fashion Council, co-founded by Lindsay Peoples Wagner and Sandrine Charles, is a platform for individuals in fashion and beauty. The platform was launched in 2020 and serves as a place for the advancement of Black people in both industries. They post about jobs within fashion and beauty, along with holding networking events for students and industry professionals.

Thirteen Lune

Thirteen Lune is a Beauty platform co-founded by Nyakio Grieco and Patrick Herning. The platform serves as a place for Black-owned beauty and skincare brands to promote and sell their products. Serving as an e-commerce destination for Black-owned beauty brands, Thirteen Lune is striving to create a more diverse space in the beauty world and promote inclusivity in the industry.

Black Owned Everything

Black Owned Everything is a website started by stylist Zerina Akers that promotes Black-owned businesses in fashion, beauty, and more. Ranging from apparel shops to beauty and skincare brands, Black Owned Everything has a plethora of different large and small Black-owned businesses to shop from.


BLK + GRN is a non-toxic marketplace showcasing Black-owned brands in the beauty and wellness area. Described as a one-stop-shop for natural Black-owned products, BLK + GRN retails products from well-known brands like Honey Pot, and has a huge focus on promoting brands with a clean and healthy mission.

25 Black Women in Beauty

25 Black Women in Beauty is an organization whose mission is to elevate, celebrate, and inspire Black women in beauty. The organization was founded in 2019 and promotes collaboration and networking between Black women in the beauty space.


r29Unbothered is a branch of the Refinery29 media outlet. r29Unbothered is a platform created by an editor at Refinery29 for Black women in beauty, fashion, and media to connect. The platform is very active on social media, posting about beauty, fashion, and cultural conversations, among other topics. There is also an r29Unbothered Facebook group for students and professionals interested in beauty, fashion, and media to connect and network with each other.

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