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July Favorites

July Favorites

You know what time it is...Hot Girl Summer is in full effect, sis (shoutout to Meg!). While the season is showing no signs of slowing down, there are some brands and products that have our attention! Check out our July favorites roundup and get a glimpse of what we’re loving this month.

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**Self-Care Summer **

Aside from the fun that you’re having this season, taking care of yourself is paramount. Set aside some time to take a spa day, read a new book, or just take the “me” time you need to recharge. Your wellness is a priority, period.

Stackable Shoe Storage

Storage and organization are always at the forefront of my mind when it comes to closet space...these stackable shoe storage boxes from Amazon are everything! With free Prime shipping and returns, you can try them out risk-free. This is peak adulting.

Mayvenn Giveaways

We’re hosting giveaways all summer long, and the themes are some of our favorites to date. Keep up to date on our never know if you and a friend will be winners next month!

Inclusivity on the Big Screen

The film and TV industry is finally catching up to what we all look like IRL. From Black Panther and the latest Marvel film starring Simu Liu (pictured) to the beauty of Black women being featured everywhere, it’s about time! Let’s continue to put our dollars where our mouths are and support inclusivity on all fronts.

(Image: Marvel)

Netflix Binges

One of our fave ways to relax is to chill out, turn on our favorite shows, and binge-watch a brand new season. Stranger Things, She’s Gotta Have It, When They See Us...there’s a genre and powerful story available for everyone. Grab a glass of wine and vibe out.

Have a product, brand, or show you’d love us to check out? Let us know!

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