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How to Temporarily Dye your Hair for Halloween

How to Temporarily Dye your Hair for Halloween

Dressing up for Halloween is an exciting opportunity to turn into someone entirely different for the night. Having the right hair for the outfit is crucial, but depending on your costume idea, you might need anything from a neon blue afro to a bright purple bob.

If the idea of permanently dying your natural hair or wig into an impractical color makes you panic, don’t fret! There are several ways to temporarily add a pop of color to your hair, and you can keep the color for only one night or a couple weeks. Here are your options.




If you love wild hair colors, you’re probably very familiar with Manic Panic, a popular hair color company. Manic Panic makes a temporary hair color styling gel in bright, unnatural colors like purple and blue. Unlike regular hair dye, these products wash out of the hair after you shampoo. The product also doubles as a hair gel, which means it can be used as a styling product and will dry stiff. There’s a reason that Manic Panic has been around for decades – this stuff is reliable.

One thing to keep in mind, though: if you’re using this product on light-colored hair, the pigment will last longer before rinsing out.

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Another great option is to simply spray a temporary color onto your hair. Most Halloween stores will have a plethora of options and brands to choose from, from pink to strobing glitter. These products can feel a bit sticky – they’re like hair spray, but with color added in. The color will stay in your hair until you rinse it out. Popular brands include IGK and Joico. Dark & Lovely also makes a hair spray that works really well on dark hair.

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Unlike the above two options, chalk won’t leave any stickiness or stiffness in your hair. On the other hand, it’s a bit less durable since it’s, well, just chalk – it can get messy, and it can rub off onto your clothes if you don’t seal it in with hairspray. On the plus side, hair chalk is super easy to use and comes in a wide range of colors. It’s easily portable, so you can bring it with you for touch-ups throughout the night if necessary. It’s perfect for those wanting light, pastel-colored hair or a rainbow effect. Also, it’s incredibly easy to rinse out and clean up. Splat Hair Chalk is one popular brand.

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Semi-Permanent Dye

Lastly, you can go with a timeless classic: a semi-permanent dye. This route is more appropriate if you want your hair color to last a bit longer than just one evening. The color will last for several shampoos, depending on the brand, so you can expect to keep it in for a couple weeks at least. However, it’s still not as big of a commitment as permanently dying your locks! Semi-permanent dyes come in practically all shades and colors, from regular browns to bright green. Lime Crime, Color Rista, and N Rage are a few great brands.

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