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5 Humidity Hair Hacks for Spring

5 Humidity Hair Hacks for Spring

Spring has begun and summer is around the corner! Longer days mean more heat, and you know what that means: MORE FRIZZ. Instead of packing on the products to battle humidity, take the ‘less is more’ approach to handling your frizzy situation.

Here are five tips on how to stop natural hair from frizzing in humidity and keep your hair moisturized:

1. Jamaican Castor Oil

how to stop natural hair from frizzing in humidityShea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Grow Restorative Hair Serum, available here

Jamaican Castor Oil is to edges as Gayle is to Oprah: they’re BFF’s and should never be kept too far apart. We’ve talked about the essential growth oil here at Real Beautiful before (here and here), but it’s always worth mentioning again. Since Jamaican Castor Oil has a thicker consistency, it's great for laying down your hair and stimulating hair growth. With summer being the season of the single-drop, let's prepare in case Beyonce' is planning a surprise debut that could easily become the edge-snatcher of the year.

(Keep reading for details on how to create a DIY Scalp Detox at home.)

2. Leave-In Conditioner

Lawrence-Ray Concepts Leave-In Conditioner, available here

This one is a personal favorite of mine! Founded by celebrity hairstylist and make-up artist Lawrence Ray Parker II, Lawrence-Ray Concepts has mastered the art of locking in moisture while eliminating build-up. However, any moisture-packed leave-in will work. After deep conditioning, rinsing, and towel drying your hair, apply your leave-in conditioner of choice. This will decrease the chances of split ends and tangling. For the long days where happy hours turn into bar hopping, be proactive and seal your ends with a leave-in at the start of your day.

3. Microfiber Towel

how to stop natural hair from frizzing in humidity

Deva Curl Devatowel, available here

Though cotton and terrycloth feel good against our bodies, they're not a great option for hair, and especially not for curlier textures. Microfiber towels are perfect for keeping your frizz in check during the spring. They absorb water from your hair quickly, and are great for reducing frizz due to the fibers of the material which means your curls will be even more poppin'. Not only are the towels hypo-allergenic and lint-free, the attached hanging loop makes it easy to store and ready for your next wash.

4. Edge Control

how to stop natural hair from frizzing in humidityHick's Total Transformation Edge Control, available here

Having thick hair means staying away from water-based edge least for me it does! No two heads of hair are the same so prepare for a trial and error process to find your holy grail edge control. This non-flaky pomade works well to lay down your edges and keep your style on freeze-mode all day. For slick ponytails or a simple ode to baby hair, try an oil based control that repairs and locks in moisture. You'll be rocking the sleek edges you deserve all spring.

5. Scalp Detox

how to stop natural hair from frizzing in humidity

A facial scrub or a juice cleanse are common ways to get prepared for the season of natural faces and sundresses. But what do we do when it's time to revitalize our hair? A scalp detox is the perfect way to give your head the chance to breathe. By exfoliating the scalp and removing buildup, your hair will be sprouting in no time. Try this scalp detox recipe for a great spring hair refresh.

DIY Scalp Detox Recipe:

  • two tablespoons of olive oil
  • one teaspoon of baking soda
  • half a teaspoon of cinnamon

'Tis the season of melanin-glow. It's time to show off your curly crowns and long locks the healthy way!

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