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How To #Browslay For The Holidays

How To #Browslay For The Holidays
On the morning of my sweet sixteenth birthday party, I got my eyebrows waxed for the very first time. My mother and I stopped by the nail salon where we often got manicures and pedicures. Our nail technician was always very sweet, memorizing our preferences and subtly suggested an eyebrow wax for me. I decided to go for it--today was the day! My untouched caterpillars would be crafted, arched and ready for what I hoped would be the party of the century.
I waited anxiously in the chair with my eyes closed, gripping my fists and hoping that the hot wax wouldn't burn me or, more importantly, that my eyebrows came out perfectly. After achieving, a soft arch and the right amount of thickness, I was sure I'd been to heaven and back. My face was framed and I felt like a new woman. It was an art form I instantly fell in love with and an experience that would stick with me forever.
Now that my eyebrows are on fleek, it's only right that I give you a quick tutorial on how to shape your eyebrows at home. Follow along and admire the eyebrow fierceness from my favorite #browslayers out there!
 how to shape your eyebrows at home
When it comes to my own brows, I like to keep them as thick as possible with a medium arch. I use Anastasia Beverly Hills Dark Brown dipbrow to make them look fuller for special occasions or a casual slay. To achieve this look, first brush your brows up, making sure all of the hairs are standing as straight up as possible.
From there, highlight the brow along the bottom and top (tracing your shape) with concealer.
how to shape your eyebrows at home Photo: MakeupbyShayla
Then, follow directly above the bottom-brow-concealer line with the dipbrow, a smallish amount so that the brush isn't overwhelmed, leaving the chance to build up if necessary.
how to shape your eyebrows at home
Instagram: @goldenxoo
Next, trace below the top concealer line starting a little before the halfway mark of the brow. Now here's the kicker. Start your dipbrow at the front of the brow and follow until the end.  I like to go with a natural look because it suits my face better, but this is totally up to you.
From there, use a spooly brush to brush the bottom line of dipbrow towards the top of your brow, blending slowly and softly to compliment the hair there. If necessary, add more dipbrow to the angled brush and create small lines between the hairs to create a fuller look with an illusion of more hair.
how to shape your eyebrows at home
Instagram: @alvajay
If needed, I highlight more with concealer. You can add a hint of bronzer or highlighter at the arch of the brow for fun, usually on the browbone for my finished look.
how to shape your eyebrows at home
In my mind, I've slayed a dragon and cooked a 4 course meal especially if the one on the left comes out similar (because they're sisters not twins). Feel free to check out more of my brow inspirations @browsnation on Instagram and tag me in some of yours.
I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial on how to shape your eyebrows at home! Have fun learning and never underestimate the power of the brow!
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