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How to Manage Your Hair During Spring and Summer

How to Manage Your Hair During Spring and Summer

Warmer weather is here and it’s time to enjoy all that it has to offer. Doesn’t your heart just smile when you think about your hair flowing as the cool breeze blows while you sit near the ocean? You may also get a little irritated when you imagine the stress the sun can cause your hair, or the eagerness you’ll feel to wash your hair daily in order to escape the sweat the sun brings to your scalp. Before you find yourself overwashing or keeping braids in longer than they should to avoid having to deal with your hair in this heat, here are some tips to manage your mane this spring and summer season:


Whether it’s a weekly wash and go, bi-weekly maintenance with shampoo, or upkeep with trims, the point is to find your regimen and stick to it. You’ll need it because of the daily sun and humidity you will experience. Pay attention to how your hair reacts to your regime and adjust when necessary. If you’re rocking your natural tresses, your hair is more inclined to dry out and your ends will be more likely to split, making your styles look raggedy and frizzy. If your hair seems to get dried out fast (although it should not), then washing less often may be required. Either way, do what works for your hair.

Moisturize Less

Guess what folks, the sun is a natural moisturizer for your hair during the warmer seasons! Moisturizing too much causes build up, in addition to the sweat that develops and the natural oils that your hair produces. Also, your hair is more prone to moisture retention in the summer. The amount of product you use in the winter is nowhere near what you need in the summer, as your hair won’t dry out as quickly.


Whether you rock your natural hair or extensions of any sort, your hair should be shampooed and conditioned as often as needed to maintain cleanliness. Why? Aside from basic hygiene, think about the things you subject your hair to during the warmer months: beaches = sand and ocean water, hotel pools = chlorine and Saturday hikes on the trail = bugs and sweat. Take all of this into account, plus the added heat that we experience. Everyone’s hair is different; because the amount of oil you produce, your hair texture, and your social calendar are all individual to you, you’ll have to figure out best washing practices. But, please do so before the people around you are subjected to your smelly hair. As the days get hotter and you get sweatier, it’s tempting to wash your hair every day. By doing that, you are stripping your scalp and hair of much needed natural oils. You don't have to wash it often, try starting out with a biweekly wash and go from there.

Protective Styling

Anything in the braid family requires less maintenance. That means less styling, less washing, and less product because the majority of your hair is enclosed. There are several benefits to protective styling, including: hair growth and retention of texture and length, a break from hot tools and styling products, and of course saving time - you don’t have to do your hair every morning, so more sleep for you!

What are some tips that you’ll practice to take care of your hair during the warmer months?


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