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How to Know When It's Time to Get a Reinstall

How to Know When It's Time to Get a Reinstall

We’ve all been there…our install was looking fresh just a few days ago, but now, we’re at week 7 and need to work some magic. If your tracks are slipping, you’re having trouble with shampoo and conditioning maintenance on your own, or your bundles are in good shape but you just need to tighten up your foundation and get a brand new look, our latest service is for you! It’s definitely time to reinstall your bundles if you’re experiencing any of these:

Your Tracks Are Hanging On By a Thread

Is your install hanging on for dear life (literally)? If you’ve already booked a weave maintenance service and have been able to stretch it out a few more weeks, good for you. Now, it’s time to get those bundles completely removed and re-sewn.

Your Style Just Won’t Hold

It’s unlikely that your style will hold up for long when your bundles need to be readjusted. Even the best install that was trimmed and shaped to perfection can’t do much when it’s passed time to be reinstalled.

Your Foundation is Too Grown Out

A secure braid-down is the necessary foundation for any weave or wig protective style. A grown out foundation is a positive sign - it means that your natural hair is doing well underneath - but it still needs to be removed, shampooed, conditioned, and re-braided. Keep in mind that a closure or frontal install will need to be reinstalled sooner than one with leave out.

A reinstall service is perfect for reusing bundles that you already have to get a fresh braid down and install, no new order required. Your stylist will shampoo, condition, and braid down your natural hair, then sew-in your bundles and top it off with a new style. The best part?

Reinstalls are available for installs with leave out, closures, lace frontals and 360 frontals. There’s truly something for everyone.

Looking to refresh your favorite wig instead? Try booking a Wig Maintenance service. Bring your wig back to life with a shampoo, condition, and style. Your stylist will also tighten up any tracks that are out of place to ensure even more longevity.

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