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How to Install a 360 Frontal

How to Install a 360 Frontal

If you want to wear hair to give your hair more versatility and options when it comes to styling, 360 frontals are the way to go. Once your 360 Frontal is installed you can wear space buns, halo braids, half-up, half-down, and all the high ponies you want.

Installing a 360 Frontal isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Watch the video here and follow these simple steps below as your guide. Grab everything you need and let’s get started.

STEP 1: Begin With Braided-Down Hair

360 frontal braid down

When we’re installing a 360 frontal, we want to start with a flat, middle-part braid down. Once you have the hair braided down, get the wig cap ready.

STEP 2: Put On The Wig Cap

360 frontal wig cap

Start with a wig cap that matches the correct skin tone. Then, tame the natural edges, using extreme hold spray to adhere the wig cap around the hairline, then use a blowdryer to dry it all in place.

STEP 3: Cut and Sew Down Wig Cap In Sections

360 frontal wig cap sew down

While the wig cap dries, sew down small sections of the wig cap for added security.

Next, follow the shape of the hairline and cut the excess cap off carefully. Pay extra attention around the ears!

STEP 4: Hide the Cap

360 frontal wig cap powder

Use flesh-toned powder around the hairline to blend in the cap. You can repeat this step on the lace of the frontal, if necessary.

STEP 5: Cut the Lace

360 frontal cut lace

Lay the frontal against the hairline and cut the lace, being sure to follow the natural shape of the hairline. Do not cut the lace inside of the frontal because this will be sewn down to keep the 360 secure. To make this step easier, you can do small anchoring stitches to hold the frontal in place as you cut.

STEP 6: Sew Down the Lace

360 frontal sew down lace

Sew down the lace across the entire hairline. Use a gel or glue to adhere the frontal directly to the forehead along the hairline in small pieces. Repeat this around the entire hairline, taking your time to glue down small sections at a time. Use a blowdryer to help dry in place.

STEP 7: Time for Bundles

360 frontal add bundes

Install the bundles, sewing around the wefts and not through them. Once the bundles are installed, style your hair however you want.

Watch the video below to see this install in action.

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