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Old, Torn, Over Bleached Lace Closure? Here's How To Fix It!

How to Revive Your Lace Closure and Frontal
Want the tea on how to fix a lace closure? Keep reading!

Closures and frontals have been our protective style savior for years. They've been the solution to our blending problems. They allow us to go from straight to wavy and back to natural without damaging our strands. And they protect our precious edges, allowing our hair to take a break from tension-heavy styling. But, let's be real: quality closures and frontals aren't cheap. When they rip, tear, or begin to bald, it's a devastating feeling that hurts our pockets just as much as our hearts. But fear not, there's many ways to bring them back to life! No matter your closure woes, we have the tips you need on how to revive and how to fix a lace closure.

Here are the most common problems that occur with closures and frontals, and how to fix them:

Thinning & Balding Lace

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That awkward moment when you can relate to men suffering from male pattern baldness. You're getting ready to go out and your last step to getting in your final form of fierceness is to blend your closure with your scalp. There's just one problem: you notice that your part has gotten a lot wider than you last remembered. In fact, you start to freak out because your closure is damn near going bald! Don't fret - you won't have to bust out the comb over style just yet. One of the most common problems people face when wearing closures or frontals is balding. Maybe you've been slowly, accidentally pulling out the hair while styling. Or you've just had the closure for awhile and, just like a man in his late 60's, as it gets older it loses more and more hair. The trick with this is to create an illusion. Using a concealer that matches your scalp and a brown or black eye pencil, you're going to fill in the blanks until you achieve a desired look.  This tutorial shows you exactly how to do it:

Orange Knots

Does your closure look orange? Take a huge sigh of relief! This means you didn't bleach your knots long enough to reach a blonde shade, and to fix it ain't nothing but a G thang. First, shampoo your closure or frontal with a shampoo formulated for blonde and silver hair. We recommend this one. This will help remove the brassiness of the orange, and bring the knots back to a cooler tone. Bleach ain't something to play with so applying it again right away would most likely destroy your knots. Take a few days, drink water, bathe in coconut oil, glow up, then, come back and re-apply the bleach. Leave it on for about 25 minutes to start. Once time is up, rinse off the bleach from a small section and check on the tone. If the color is sufficient, go ahead and rinse off all the bleach. If it's still a bit orange, leave it on for another 20 minutes and check again.

Over Bleached Knots

If you over bleached your knots to the point where the roots of your closure or frontal look blonde, don't worry, this is another quick and easy fix. One our favorite YouTube weave gurus, IvyDear, created a quick tutorial on how you can easily correct this mistake. Just grab black hair dye and, using a mascara wand, carefully run the dye over the roots of your closure. Check out Ivy's video below for a visual tutorial:

Dyed Lace

You've successfully bleached your closure, but when you began to dye the rest of the hair your desired shade, you accidentally got some dye on the lace. Now what? You have two options (well, three, if you decide to buy a new closure): one, you can try and bleach out the hair color by bleaching the knots on your closure again. Depending on what type of dye you used (semi-, demi-, permanent) this may or may not work. Your next option is to remove the dye from the lace fabric using a fabric dye remover. The tried-and-true dye remover is Rit Dye. Another highly-praised option is Roux Hair Color Stain Remover, available at Sally's Beauty Supply. Follow the instructions carefully, and you should be able to completely remove the dye from your lace.

Hope this how to fix a lace closure guide helped! Need a quality lace closure or frontal that can be reused for up to 12 months? Shop here for 100% virgin human hair, hand-tied closures and frontals.

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