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Here's How To Recreate Our Favorite Winter-Ready Hairstyles

Here's How To Recreate Our Favorite Winter-Ready Hairstyles

Looking for some inspiration for your next winter-ready hairstyle? You’re in the right place! Read on for tips on how to recreate the styles from our latest photoshoot.

Stunning Ponytail

Model with yellow dress wearing sleek ponytail styled with curls

Use our classic straight bundles to recreate this sleek, event-ready ponytail look. Choose your part, and slick back your natural hair with a medium to strong-hold gel. Depending on your hair's length or thickness, you can braid your hair or put it into a small bun. Wrap the wefts from the bundle around the base of your natural pony, right on top of the hair tie. Finally, finish the style by using a strand from the bundle to wrap around and hide any wefts or pins that are showing. Want an even fuller look? Add as many bundles as you need.

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Voluminous Kinky Straight

Model smiling, wearing Kinky Straight hair extensions styled with large wand curls

Ready to get Kinky this new year?! Kinky Straight, that is. This voluminous look was created using our Kinky Straight Lace Closure and accompanying bundles (to nix the closure and blend your leave out, grab 1 less bundle). Set the hair with a Bantu knot out or wand curl the hair with a medium-sized iron. After allowing it to cool, pick apart the strands and encourage the volume. The bigger, the better!

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Clip-Ins Galore

Model wearing blonde Clip-In hair extensions styled with loose waves

Instant length and volume? Check and check. Use our Seamless Clip-Ins to add just the right amount of va va voom to any look. This model is wearing color 7A Dark Ash Blonde With 10 Light Blonde Highlights, and we've added in some loose waves with a large barrel to add movement and dimension. Remember to remove your Clip-Ins for storage before you catch some zzz's!

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Café Au Lait

Is it just us, or is this rich brunette tone the winter accessory we're missing? Using our #27 Dark Blonde bundles and closure as a base, ask your stylist to deposit a level 5-6 brown that airs on the side of neutral warmth. Because 27 Blonde already has a warmer undertone, you won't need to add too much to bring out the richness of this hue. Don't forget to use color-safe products to maintain the vibrancy of this custom color look.

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