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Meet The Hairstylists Dedicating Their Lives To Empowering Breast Cancer Survivors

Meet The Hairstylists Dedicating Their Lives To Empowering Breast Cancer Survivors

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we want to not only highlight the brave women who are suffering from breast cancer, but also their support systems. One of the biggest catalysts and cheerleaders of women with breast cancer are their stylists. Mayvenn's mission is to support hairstylists by empowering them to be their best selves and provide top notch services to their clients. Two of our Mayvenn stylists are doing just that.

TiffanyNichol is hair loss replacement specialist at Haute Headz Signature Salon and Hair Replacement. She has been helping men and women in the Cleveland community look good and feel better for over 25 years. Stephanie Anderson, known as The Hair Replacement Coach, is a trichologist living her dream of helping others and making women feel their very best. We got the chance to speak with TiffanyNichol and Stephanie Anderson over the phone about their lives as hair stylist for cancer patients, and how they've dedicated themselves to helping breast cancer survivors regain their confidence.

hair stylist for cancer patientsTiffanyNichol of Haute Headz Signature Salon and Hair Replacement

Real Beautiful: Tell us a little about your stylist practice - how long have you been in business, and who is your main clientele?

**Stephanie Anderson: **The name of my business is Trinity Lace Wigs & Unisex Salon which began in 2009. I started practicing extensively in Hair Loss, Hair Replacement and Trichology because I recognized the need.  Hair loss cases were growing in epidemic numbers, and I realized that if I didn’t educate myself to become part of the solution, I may actually contribute to the problem. Roughly 70% of our clients suffer from hair loss to some degree; the remaining 30% we provide healthy hair care services for natural and relaxed hair.  We have something for everyone.

**TiffanyNichol: **My dream of empowering woman living with hair loss came to life when I started HHSS and HR. Being in the industry for 25 years I noticed that my clients were experiencing traction and medical hair loss, along with thinning hair. My desire to help them enhance their personal image and tackle hair loss emerged. I completed my hair loss certification two years ago and immediately offered my services and expertise to patients in the American Cancer Society’s Look Good Feel Better program, the Cleveland Community, and any one desiring a healthier head of hair.

RB: Beauty is so wrapped up in our everyday lives and how we see ourselves, how do you think providing these services impacts your clients?

**Stephanie: **We realize that our clients have distinct needs.  Her hair loss pain is new and may occur very quickly.  If she’s been diagnosed with cancer and is receiving medical intervention/treatment like chemotherapy, she is coping with emotional as well as physical pain from her medical condition.  It can be quite overwhelming for her. Whether the hair loss is temporary or permanent for my client, after the hair is attached, customized and styled, it’s like a major transformation.  Without hair, many times clients will look and feel sick.  It can be life changing; when she looks good, often she feels better.

**TiffanyNichol: **The beauty business has definitely evolved. With more options for those young and old, clients now feel more confident. My clients are excited to try alternative hair. As their stylist and image advocate, I am happy to offer services such as medial wigs, cranial prosthesis, hair integration, sew-in extensions and so much more.  Every other month I facilitate a makeup and wig session for ladies with breast cancer who are active with treatment as well as wigs, weaves and maintenance seminars.

hair stylist for cancer patientsStephanie of Trinity Lace Wigs

RB: How do you think it’s benefitted you to provide these services for women suffering from breast cancer?

**Stephanie: **I am living my dream. I have always loved hair; however, this for me is on another level.  I am ultra-sensitive to people with hair loss.  I don’t feel sympathetic because they don’t want you to feel sorry for them.  There is clearly empathy though. I feel blessed to make such an impact on people’s lives.  I am helping people who sometimes have lost hope of ever having hair again.  It has become somewhat of a ministry for me to service, inspire, beautify and bring hope. I believe I can make an impact in the world, one person at a time.

**TiffanyNichol: **What I do is really all about my clients. I look to see how they can benefit from the services I provide. My goal is to make a difference, and, ultimately, be a blessing. If I happen to have a growing business as a result of my efforts to enrich their lives, I am forever grateful. I love being a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, and a safe place for them to work on their self-image. Life with cancer is hard! My job is to serve and change lives for their benefit.

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If you're looking for a hair stylist for cancer patients, these two stylists are a great start.

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