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18 Showstopping Hair Color Transformations on Braids, Wigs, and Natural Hair

18 Showstopping Hair Color Transformations on Braids, Wigs, and Natural Hair

Black women are truly versatile when it comes to hair. From rocking our natural hair to wearing protective styles like braids, wigs, and twists, our hair is truly incredible. It defies gravity and we are able to do so much with it.

Not only can we wear any hairstyle we choose, but we can also rock any color in our hair. From wearing different colored braids to colorful wigs, to dyeing our natural hair, Black women are able to pull off innumerable shades and colors. Over the past few years, because of the natural hair movement and Black women embracing culturally significant hairstyles, this has also given us the room to explore different colors in our hair. From donning bright pink wigs to coloring our hair in hues like deep red and burnt orange, Black women have been embracing color in our hair more frequently.

The pandemic has also allowed Black women to be more creative with their hair, as they are not worrying about not being able to wear certain hairstyles in the office. More Black women have also learned how to install wigs and color and braid their own hair, crediting tutorials on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Black women should be encouraged to continue to embrace color in our hair and beauty looks, because our creativity is unparalleled. Check out some of our favorite hair color creations on wigs, weaves, braids, and natural hair.

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Photo: Zolee Griggs

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