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Caring For Your Hair While Protective Styling

Caring For Your Hair While Protective Styling

Who doesn’t love a good protective style? You get a few days, weeks, and maybe even months off from having to style your hair on a daily basis. Protective styles are a go-to when it comes to maintaining your hair’s health and length but is your protective style actually protecting your hair? Here is a list of tips on how to make sure your hair is getting the best care while you're rockin' your protective style.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Making sure your hair is regularly moisturized during your protective style is key when it comes to caring for your hair. If you want the protective style to do its job, you have to make sure you are moisturizing your hair and scalp with light water and oil. Please avoid any heavy creams or leave-ins when you are moisturizing. This may cause product build-up. Using a light oil or water will keep your scalp healthy and make the process easier when you are ready to take out your protective style.

Ease The Tension

When putting on your protective style, you want to make sure the style is secure but you don’t want it to be too tense on your scalp and edges. If a protective style is installed too tightly, it can cause major hair loss, thinning, and pain to your scalp. If you are getting your hair done by a professional, don’t be afraid to let them know if they are installing your style too tight. And try not to wear your style in an updo too often. Remember, the point of a protective style is to protect your hair, not harm it.

Bedtime Protection

Keeping your hair protected at night is essential when it comes to caring for your hair and making sure your style stays fresh. Having a satin/silk bonnet, scarf or pillowcase will be the best solution to keeping your hair protected and moisturized. Avoid using cotton as it will snag your hair and suck the moisture out of your style.

Retouch Your Hair

If you’ve had your protective style in for about a month, it’s good to do a touch-up to some of the strands or frontal. Your style may have some frizz, new growth, or shedding so it’s good to keep it fresh. Keeping your hair refreshed will help maintain the style longer and the overall health of your hair because your hair is being consistently cared for throughout the time you are wearing your protective style.

Don’t Keep Your Protective Style In For Too Long

We all love the convenience of a protective style but remember not to let it overstay its welcome. Leaving your protective style in for long periods of time is not good for the health of your hair. It can weaken your strands and make your hair matte up. Keeping your protective style in no longer than six to eight weeks is highly recommended.

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