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Ask A Stylist: Products You Need To (Safely) Get Your Weave Bone Straight

Ask A Stylist: Products You Need To (Safely) Get Your Weave Bone Straight

One of the beauties of wearing a weave is the versatility -- we can fry it, dye it, and lay it to the side as much as we want without damaging our own hair. However, in the words of DJ Khaled, 'Don't ever play yourself.' Even the highest of quality bundles can be stripped of their cuticles (the top layer of the hair that makes it nice and soft) and become brittle over time from our excessive use of hot tools. And a fried weave just ain't cute.

On the quest for silky straight hair-- flat irons, hot combs, and blow dryers are our weapons of choice for straightening our locks. But without the proper protection, they could become weapons of mass destruction.

With over 60,000 stylists rocking with the #MayvennMovement, we got the skinny on their favorite bone straight hair products straight from the salons. Poofy hair will be yesterdays's news with these products in your pantry.

skinny serum

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum, $20

"This stuff is great for straightening weaves. This is also what I use to silk press my natural hair." - JesSTYLES, stylist at Mayvenn.

organic coconut oil

Organic Coconut Oil, ranging from $5-$15 depending on the brand

"While [the hair is] wet, I spray heat protectant spray on my bundles and massage a little bit of pure coconut oil into the hair. Then, I proceed with blow drying and flat iron process." - LaToya Rush, Mayvenn stylist.


silk it

Silkology Silk It Hi-Gloss Spray, $23.99

"Adds a beautiful natural sheen and doesn't leave any film or residue (smells fabulous too!)" - Stephanie Anderson, Mayvenn stylist.

silk therapy

Biosilk Silk Therapy, $16.49

A few stylists recommended BioSilk Silk Therapy to apply before straightening. Mayvenn stylist Sharron Taylor recommends applying it to your ends first and work your way up.

Let us know your favorite bone straight hair products in the comments!

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