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28 Black Women Owned Beauty and Wellness Brands to Support

28 Black Women Owned Beauty and Wellness Brands to Support

Despite the chaos of 2020, or rather because of it, Black-owned businesses are seeing an upswing in support and sales. While it's true, the pandemic forced many small businesses to close their doors permanently; those who survived received an outpouring of love from consumers. Increased interest in Black-owned companies comes on the heels of the brutal murders of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor. And with the spotlight squarely focused on the Black Lives Matter movement and ways to support the Black community, Black businesses have received newfound and well-deserved attention. Recently, Yelp reported a 7000% jump in searches for Black-owned businesses from May 25 to July 10 of 2020. Total searches related to this topic amounted to 2,500,000 compared to just 35,000 one year earlier. Black-owned companies are killing it right now, and at the helm of many of these companies, you will find a Black woman.

So, how can we keep up this momentum? We need to advocate for Black-owned companies all year round. Black buying power in the US is estimated to reach $1.5 trillion by 2021, so where and how we spend our money can effect change and impact the economy.

And, if we shop from Black-owned companies, the Black community as a whole will reap immeasurable benefits. In researching this piece, we came across many Black businesses completely sold out of products - a direct result of the surging support for Black companies. This is an excellent problem to have, but even more impressive was the fact that they took the time to acknowledge and thank their customers for the support. Many left notices of appreciation on their site and promised to restock as soon as possible. Clearly, conscious purchasing is making a difference. Let's continue to recognize, elevate, and patronize Black businesses as they navigate this pivotal year.

To help you on your journey, we've created a list of noteworthy Black-owned, women-owned companies that you can purchase from right now. Our list is by no means exhaustive. We're happy to say there are many more Black-owned companies that fall under these categories, but we figure this is an excellent starting point.

We've got so many amazing brands to share with you; we can't possibly cover them all in one article, so we're breaking it up into two. This installment will include Black women-owned health and beauty brands you should know. Look for our second installment, which will feature other categories like home décor, stationery, and more.

We hope you enjoy exploring these brands and find some to love.


Protecting and nurturing your skin is always in season. Here we've listed brands that feature residue-free sunscreen, products for the whole family, and all-natural scrubs and serums, just to mention a few of the selections. These brands will keep you looking good from head to toe and from the beach to the bedroom.

Black Girl Sunscreen

Hate that dreaded white residue most sunscreens leave on our melanated skin? Meet Black Girl Sunscreen. Designed to be residue-free, this brand promises to moisturize as well as shield our skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

Bomb'd Esthetics

Are you looking for products the whole family can use for their skin and face? Check out Bomb'd Esthetics. With ingredients like turmeric, pomegranate, hemp, and shea butter, you can trust that these products are as good for the environment as they are for your body.

Unsun Cosmetics

Get your glow on with mineral tinted sunscreens from Unsun Cosmetics. Your skin will be the real winner with these sunscreens, creams, and lotions that offer clean, residue-free, SPF protection from the sun.

{Blade + Bloom}

Blade + Bloom is where you'll find body scrubs, body oils, face mists, serums, and so much more. Owner Terri Foster makes products for the modern consumer who values high-quality, elegance, and simple beauty products. Treat yourself or someone you love to these specialty 100% natural, plant-based skincare items.

Hyper Skin

If you suffer from hyperpigmentation, you know that finding a product that actually works to clear it can be difficult. Well, look no further. Hyper Clear Brightening Clearing Vitamin C Serum by Hyper Skin is earning rave reviews and media attention for getting the job done.

Pholk Beauty

Plants, herbs, and natural ingredients are the stars of the natural skin and body care products found at Pholk. Find cleansers, toners, masks, and more, everything you need to give your skin the TLC it deserves.


We know no makeup list would be complete without mentioning Fenty Beauty or  Pat McGrath Labs, but if you're looking for something outside of these two beauty industry behemoths, check out some of the brands listed below. These brands are revolutionizing how we do makeup. Whether you wear a little makeup or a lot, you'll find something to pique your interest.

Lip Bar

What started as just a lipstick company has grown into a one-stop-shop for all your makeup needs. Check out Lip Bar's Fast Face Kits; 6 products applied in 7 minutes, what could be easier?

Mented Cosmetics

From foundation to the perfect nude lipstick, Mented Cosmetics is creating pigmented products that match our skin tones. Best friends turned entrepreneurs, KJ Miller and Amanda E. Johnson, saw a gap in the market and filled it by offering makeup that played up the natural beauty of all women of color. Make sure to take their quiz to find the products that are right for you.

Uoma Beauty

Uoma means beautiful. And founder, Sharon Chuter, believes beauty begins when we are authentically ourselves. She's created bold and colorful makeup palettes to inspire confidence and rebellion in every woman who wears them. No matter your skin type, you're sure to find what you need here.

Beauty Bakerie

Unique packaging, whimsical branding, and yummy product names make a visit to the Beauty Bakerie a sweet treat. Enjoy smudge-free makeup and an abundance of choices for your lips, eyes, and skin.

Danessa Myricks Beauty

With an array of multi-use products on offer, Danessa Myricks Beauty brand has something for everyone, whether your skin tone is fair or deep.

Nail Care

If you have to do it yourself, you might as well go all out. Define your style and make your nails the star of the show with products from these innovative nail care companies.

Lust for Nails

These are not your mother's press-on nails. Lust for Nails creates fully customizable nails sets for the woman who wants to change it up on her own terms.

25th and June

25th and June is a toxic-free, vegan-friendly nail brand that delivers classic and modern colors to suit your style.

Polish & Co.

Modern and vintage, chic, and cutting edge, Modern & Co. nail lacquer defies expectations. With 43 high-quality shades and color choices, how can you go wrong?

Pear Nova

Pear Nova is a luxury nail care line that takes its inspiration from the runways. Founder Rachel James has developed fashion-forward rich hues and cream polishes that will have all eyes on you.


Get excited about the nail polish lacquers and gel polish selections at Ooopolish. Their polishes evoke names from African history and lore, and their colors range from every spectrum of the rainbow to African-inspired hues.

Health and Wellness    

With everything going on in the world right, we've never felt more of a need to be in touch with our health and wellness. These brands want to help you relax, relate, and release. From candles and tea to holistic creations, these products were created to help you look and feel your best.


Noirebud offers luxury CBD products to aid in wellness and balance. Discover teas, salves, and drops designed for optimal living.

Love Notes

Luxuriate in scented candles and body teas from Love Notes. These self-care products are designed to bring you peace and uplift your mood.


Soie. uses 100% Mulberry silk to craft their line of pillowcases, eye masks and more. Their line of luxury hair and skin care accessories does not disappoint.


Glamourina defines itself as, 'the go-to activewear brand for culturally conscious women.' Kia Phillips and Nekol Gaskin founded the brand to redefine the image of Black women in fitness and promote positivity and inclusivity.

Ivy's Tea

Ivy's tea creates specialty loose-leaf herbal tea blends inspired by hip hop and pop culture. These teas and tea accessories are made with you in mind and embody African holistic health remedies.


Superfoods for your skin and body, Golde is a self-care brand that uses ingredients like turmeric, matcha, and papaya to make essentials for your health and beauty. Look for products like smoothies, face masks, and teas that will boost your self-care routine.

Hair Care

If you're reading this, we hope you're already a Mayvenn fan. For those of you who are, we appreciate the love. We're proud to be a Black-owned brand that supports the community. But when you're not wearing one of our quality pieces or installations, be sure you take the time to care for your natural hair. The brands listed below are at the top of their game and will help you maintain healthy, manageable hair that's always on point.


Briogeo specializes in texture-specific products for your haircare needs. Their products are naturally-based and work on all hair types. They offer two, three, and four-step regimens that address common haircare problems.

Melanin Haircare

Whitney White, better known by her YouTube handle Naptural85, has ventured out with her own line of natural haircare products, Melanin Haircare. Whitney has been a hair vlogger for years and has a massive following. Her brand focuses on healthy hair and scalp care with the use of quality and natural ingredients. And after years of trying hundreds of products, we trust Whitney knows what it takes to make high-performing, high-quality products.


Found only in the mountains of Morocco, rhassoul clay has numerous benefits for naturally curly hair. Lucky for us Naturalicious founder, Gwen Jimmere had the idea to bottle the goodness of rhassoul clay and make it easier for us to use. Her innovative Moroccan Rhassoul 5-in-1 Clay Treatment does the work of 5 haircare products and leaves her more manageable.

Girl + Hair

Girl + Hair products are designed for use under protective styles. Yes, it's true. These revolutionary products make it possible to retain growth and keep your natural hair cleansed and moisturized while it's tucked away.


tgin has a variety of natural haircare lines, including a Curls N' Roses collection, a Moist Collection, and a Honey Styling collection. With so many choices, you're sure to find products that are right for your curls. All products are made with quality natural ingredients and promise to support your healthy hair journey.

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