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10 Black Owned Beauty Brands We Love

10 Black Owned Beauty Brands We Love

One of our favorite YouTube beauty guru's Jackie Aina recently called out her fellow vloggers last month to create complete makeup looks using only black-owned makeup products. The plot twist? She challenged only non-black beauty vloggers! The Black-Owned Makeup Brands (BOMB) challenge aimed to bring awareness to the beauty brands who weren't getting the mainstream attention they deserved.

"I think it's important that black people are not the only people supporting these brands," said Aina in her video. "It's a fun idea, and I think it's really impressive that someone would take the initiative to say, 'Hey, I know you guys are often overshadowed and overlooked. I'm going to use my voice to empower someone else that may not necessarily look like me.'"

Cue us on the other side of the computer screen collectively grabbing our tea to sip and wait for the responses to roll in.


A few non-black beauty vloggers participated in the challenge (and did really well!), check out some of their gorgeous looks below:

We’re hoping some of the top-tier Youtubers decide to participate. In the meantime, check out these black owned beauty brands that we love!

Coloured Raine

coloured raine black owned beauty brandsTheir matte lipstick game is SERIOUS! All of their products are opaque for the gods, waterproof, and won't budge all day. A beauty girl favorite.

BlackUp Cosmetics

black up black owned beauty brands

Their name says it all. They are one of three black-owned beauty brands that Sephora carries. BlackUp carries an entire range of products to assure your melanin is always on fleek.

Shea Moisture

shea moisture

Did you know Shea Moisture has a cosmetics line? We already love their line of natural hair products, and their makeup is quickly becoming our go-to beauty favorite.

Sacha Cosmetics

sacha black owned beauty brands

The notorious finishing powder that YouTube guru's use to beat their face for the gods? That would be Sacha's Buttercup powder.

IMAN Cosmetics

iman black owned beauty brands

Supermodel Iman's makeup line, IMAN Cosmetics, pioneered the black-owned beauty movement in 1994. Her line is still going strong today and can be found in drugstores like Walgreens and CVS.


Real Beautiful Mayvennn Blog black owned beauty brands

Mayvenn is indeed a black-owned beauty brand (forgive our shameless plug)! We're the only hair company that offers a 30-day money back guarantee on hair that has already been worn! Mayvenn empowers hairstylists to become entrepreneurs and sell directly to their clients. Sign up to become a stylist here.


black owned beauty brands bevel

Men deserve to be beautiful too! Bevel makes quality grooming products for men with coarse hair. No razor bumps or ingrowns to be found!

Black Radiance

black radiance black owned beauty brands

Black Radiance's motto is to inspire black women through beauty.

Liquid Courage

liquid courage black owned beauty brands

Liquid Courage wants women to use makeup as their war paint. Not only do they have a gorgeous makeup line, but they also hold workshops for women who want to realize their potential. Inspiring, right? Not to mention, we collaborated with them on our #WhatThatSwatchDo series!

Juvia's Place

juvias place black owned beauty brands

This cult favorite beauty brand is adored for their highly pigmented eyeshadow palettes.

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