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Asymmetrical Bob Haircut Inspiration

Asymmetrical Bob Haircut Inspiration

There are few hairstyles more coveted than the asymmetrical bob. No other cut has simultaneously made us feel like we're getting our lives together, and like fierce femme fatales about to take on the world.

Moved up from an entry-level job to corporate? Asymmetrical bob long. Moved to a new town and want to start over? Asymmetrical bob weave. Your boyfriend's not acting right and you're about to set it off, but you'd rather just upgrade your entire life and stunt on him? Asymmetrical bob short haircut. Like coconut oil, there really isn't much that an asymmetrical bob can't fix.

If you couldn't tell, we love a good asymmetrical bob. But there are levels to this. What's the next level up? It uplevels the confidence-boosting benefits of the classic bob weave, but it also adds a bit of edginess that a regular bob just can't match. And what's life without a little edginess? Boring.

The asymmetrical bob looks great on everyone, and can be rocked curly, wavy, or even with bangs. Plus, you can wear it a million different ways: cornrow one side, add some color, gather just the top into a mini bun. The experimentation options are endless, and summer is the perfect time to transform your look.

Before you go and grab the scissors to get your Beyoncè-circa-'XO' on, we've gathered a few of our favorite bob weaves to get you inspired.

Rose Gold Ombre With Waves

asymmetrical bob haircut

Watch our tutorial on how to achieve this look with Mayvenn Blonde 27 hair.

Purple Ombré

peakmill asymmetrical bob purple

Watch Peakmill's tutorial on how to create this look with Mayvenn Brazilian Straight hair.

Jet Black Lob

King Keri Mayvenn asymmetrical bob

The lob aka long bob, is the A-line skirt of bob haircuts--it looks good on everyone. Our King Keri asymmetrical lob ready-to-wear wig makes it simple to get this look anytime you want.

Feathered Red Bob

red feathered asymmetrical bob

Get sleek with a little bit of sizzle with this fiery red layered bob.

Lob With Soft Waves

lob with soft waves

These waves are a sweet and romantic look that dims down the edge of an asymmetrical bob haircut.

Sleek Rih-Inspired Bob

rihanna asymmetrical bob

Werk, werk, werk, werk. He said me haffi work, work, work, work...with this classic old-school Rihanna inspired bob.

Feathered Bob

feathered asymmetrical bob

A bob with sleek feathering in the back elevates your look.

Auburn Bob With Side Swoop

auburn peakmill asymmetrical bobInstagram: @Peakmill

This auburn-tinted bob by Mayvenn favorite Peakmill is a gorgeous hue for those endless summer nights.

Blue Angled Bob

blue asymmetrical bob

For those feeling a little regal, this bob is fit for a queen.

Golden Glam Highlights

golden anthony cuts asymmetrical bob

A chic mix of golden and brown hues by one of the greats @AnthonyCuts.

Bobs are the perfect easy looks for summer- let us know if you use any of these as inspiration!

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