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Ask Brittany: Tips For Your Favorite Textures

Ask Brittany: Tips For Your Favorite Textures

We asked, you answered! This month’s IG stories featured questions about texture-specific care tips. Mayvenn offers 8 different textures and 4 different origins, so keeping up to date on how to best care for your bundles is key. Love your hair and it’ll love you back! 

I have Body Wave bundles and I want to make them last. Any basic tips?

Body Wave hair is definitely one of our most popular textures! It’s known for its versatility and is pretty low maintenance. One of the main things that’ll help your hair last is proper sleep care - this goes for any texture. Depending on how you have it styled (straightened, curled, naturally wavy, etc.) you can protect it in various ways while you sleep. Wrapping your hair with a silk or satin scarf and sleeping on a pillowcase of one of the same materials is crucial! Try putting your hair in two braids if it’s curled/wavy or doing a doobie wrap if you’re wearing it straight - this will keep it protected and tangle-free.

photo @beautybybb_ in our Kinky Straight

This is my first time wearing Kinky Straight.

Kinky Straight hair is such a statement texture and it wears beautifully! If you’re blending your natural hair with the bundles, make sure to use heat protectant and leave-ins to protect your leave out from heat and other elements. The interesting thing about Kinky Straight is that it’s actually a lot less maintenance than people tend to think - so it’s easy to use way too much product on it. 

Keep oils to a minimum and wrap your hair at night time. Deep conditioning also helps, so do that every 2-3 weeks to keep your bundles moisturized. Use a paddle brush as often as necessary to detangle hair and use co-washing (“washing” with just conditioner instead of conditioner and shampoo) for the most part instead of traditional shampooing - this will also help with moisture and upkeep. 

I want to wear my Deep Wave in its natural state but don’t want it to get tangled.

Deep Wave hair is an all-around favorite, but especially in the summer! The key to keeping your curls fresh is moisture, frequent detangling, and protection from hot tools and the elements. Use a leave-in conditioner (add light oils only when necessary) and detangle only when your hair is damp, working from the bottom up. Sleep in a pineapple, braids, or two-strand twists and be sure to protect your strands with a bonnet. Deep conditioning every 1-2 weeks can help retain moisture and softness. Your curls will be looking cute and carefree with the proper care!

photo @peakmilll in our Indian Straight

What’s the best way to care for short hair?

This is really dependent on which specific texture you’re rocking… For Straight, Loose Wave, or Body Wave hair textures, use the tips from the Body Wave question above. Water Wave, Deep Wave, or Curly hair? Use the Deep Wave tips from above but add in more moisture if you’re using our Curly bundles. 

Wrapping your style at night specific to the way your shorter bundles are cut and styled is also important. With bobs or other precision cuts, you’re going to want to wrap it doobie style or cover it a scarf so that it stays sleek. Curly or wavy textures can get away with sleeping in braids or twists - but still wrap it up! And when you shampoo your style, make sure your natural hair is completely dry underneath to avoid any hair issues and keep it as fresh as possible. 

Remember that we send out special care booklets with each order, so you’ll have an in-depth guide on hand as soon as you receive your hair. Have more questions? You can leave a comment here for our in-house cosmetologist, DM us on social @MayvennHair, or contact our customer service team - they’re always just a text or phone call away from 8am-5pm PST Monday-Friday. 

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