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Are False Eyelashes Safe?

Are False Eyelashes Safe?

Everyone wants great lashes, and why not? When your lashes are on point, you look polished and ready to face the world. In fact, beauty experts even advise that if you can’t do a full face of makeup, be sure to at least curl your lashes. Why? Because lashes make that much of a difference. But in your zeal to get long lush lashes, are you really doing more harm than good? As magical as they are, false eyelashes can cause a slew of issues. Here’s a quick rundown.

Allergic Reactions

False eyelashes adhere to your eyelids with glue, but the problem with this is that the glue used for false eyelashes often contains formaldehyde and other chemical adhesives for bonding. And generally speaking, the cheaper the glue, the worse it is for your skin. Non-medical grade adhesives are notorious for causing allergic reactions that often present themselves in the form of eye irritation, redness, swelling, and itching.

Poor Hygiene

Natural lashes serve as a protective barrier to keep dust, sweat, pollen, and other foreign objects from getting into your eyes. And it would probably stand to reason that more protection would be better, right? Well, not in the case of false eyelashes. Instead of amplifying that protective barrier, the glue that holds your false eyelashes in place not only causes skin reactions (see above), but they also trap dirt and bacteria and give them a place to stay and hang out for a while. Prolonged exposure to these tiny invaders could lead to severe eye irritation (think pink eye). Moreover, your hands are also notorious for spreading germs. So, excessive handling of false eyelashes can dial up your risk factor for getting unwanted germs in your eyes. If you must use false eyelashes, be sure to wash your hands prior to their application, and be sure to remove your lashes before going to bed to mitigate some of the risks.

Damage To Your Natural Lashes

It’s no secret that eyelashes are pretty delicate, and overuse of false eyelashes (and failure to remove them properly) can lead to a condition called “traction alopecia.” When your eyelashes are subject to constant pressure and pulling, this can hurt your hair follicles, cause breakage, and impede (or even prevent) future growth.

The best way to prevent these outcomes is probably to avoid false eyelashes altogether and stick with mascara to enhance your natural lashes. Whether you want length, volume, or both, there are plenty of terrific options on the market to choose from. Personally, I’m partial to Lancome’s Hypnose for length and volume, and for a budget-friendly option try L'Oréal's Voluminous.

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