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7 Ways to Support Your Stylist at Home

7 Ways to Support Your Stylist at Home

This “new normal” is difficult for all of us, but the service industry is especially hurting. Our favorite nail techs, makeup artists and hairstylists have had their businesses completely turned upside down. Aside from missing that natural human connection, we miss the way that our beauty gurus make us feel fabulous, from the inside out. Check out these 7 ways to support your hairstylist at home during these trying times.

1. Book a future appointment

Even though current bookings may be closed, we can still support our beauty babes by booking appointments for the future. Your Mayvenn Certified Stylists are postponing free installs and free wig customizations, so the future is still yours for the taking! Support their schedules by booking for a future date, after social distancing requirements are lessened.

2. Get a gift card

Purchasing a gift card for your favorite service is a great way to keep your service providers afloat. Having money coming in, even a small amount, can mean the difference between bills getting paid - or not. Plus, prepaying for your next appointment feels like a “free” gift to yourself by the time it comes around!

3. Ask about virtual consultations

Are you struggling with how to properly style your natural tresses? Need help laying a wig or removing acrylics? Ask your stylist to book a virtual consultation appointment. You’ll be able to receive 1-on-1 help and they’ll get to earn some income while their businesses are forcibly closed.

4. Purchase your products

You may be running low on your favorite shampoo, conditioner, or styling products - but fear not! Some beauty professionals have been able to take stock home with them, and post offices are considered an essential business in many states. Offer to buy the products that you normally would during your appointment, and have them (safely) shipped right to your doorstep.

5. Reschedule, don’t cancel

It can seem nerve-racking to think about planning for the future during this time, but there will be an eventual end in sight. Depending on your state’s requirements, offer to push your appointment out a few weeks or months instead of disappearing from the books completely.

6. Share on social media

We all have a favorite selfie from when we were fresh out of the chair. Sharing on social media is free, and it can be a great source of inspiration and advertisement for your beauty industry professionals. Make sure to tag them, talk about your appointment experience, and encourage others to book when they open back up!

7. Ask!

If you’re not sure how you can best support your stylist from home, the answer is simple - just ask! Everyone’s business and situation is different, but we are all affected in some way. A quick text or IG message can not only lift their mood, it can also give you even more ideas for helping those that need it.

On top of these helpful tips, Mayvenn is giving us all the opportunity to take our supportive efforts a bit further. #SaveTheSalon is a relief fund that is dedicated to helping stylists in our community. Mayvenn has donated $100,000 to the fund and is raising the rest with the help of our community. Our goal is to raise at least $2 million to be able to distribute a sizable amount of cash to each of our stylists, but we need your help! Donate here and share your favorite selfie on social using the hashtag #SaveTheSalon to be featured.

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