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The 6 Best Braiding Patterns for Your Next Sew-In

The 6 Best Braiding Patterns for Your Next Sew-In

Every good sew-in starts with a solid foundation: your weave braid pattern. The right sew in pattern will ensure your tracks remain flat and your style impeccable, whether you want to don a side part sew in, middle part sew in, or throw your hair up in a messy bun.

No two weave braid patterns are the same and each of them serves a unique purpose depending on the style you want to achieve. Keep reading to find the weave braid patterns to fit your needs, but first, read up on these DOs and DON’Ts to ensure a safe & healthy sew-in experience.

DO shampoo, condition and deep condition your hair beforehand.

If relaxed, DO NOT get a relaxer the day before your appointment. Your hair and scalp are at peak sensitivity after a relaxer, which can be damaging. Give your hair at least one week to bounce back, after that, feel free to get weaved up.

DO have freshly trimmed ends. Since your hair will be tucked away for up to two months, you want it to be in tip-top shape for healthy hair growth. Plus, trying to braid with tangled ends isn’t anybody’s cup of tea.

If natural, DO blow hair out with a blow dryer and Denman brush OR put your detangled hair in bantu knots the night before to stretch it out. This will make the braiding process easier.

DON’T make your braids too tight. This is crucial to protecting against any hair loss.

DO moisturize your scalp. This is another crucial step to promoting healthy hair growth before and during your sew-in.

DO use artificial hair when doing your braiding pattern. This step is optional, but it will greatly help in reducing the tension being placed on your natural hair, especially on anchor braids.
*Anchor braids are the braids that run along the perimeter of your head and around your leave-out/closure. Having neat and sturdy anchor braids help in making sure your sew-in lays flat.

Now that you’re equipped with the do’s and dont’s of preparing your hair’s sew in pattern for a protective style, here are instructions on how to do 6 different sew in braid patterns for the most popular types of sew-ins:

Vixen Sew-In Braid Pattern
This braid pattern offers a ton of versatility. Hair is parted into 4 sections, with leave out in-between them to allow for side braids, double pigtails, and creative up-dos.
vixen braid down

Closure with Middle Part Braid Pattern
This beehive braid pattern is used for closures placed in the center of the hairline to create the perfect middle-part.
closure middle part braid down

Middle Part with Leave Out Braid Pattern
This braid pattern is perfect for those who are looking to wear an install with a middle part and some natural hair left out.
middle part with leave out braid pattern

Closure with Side Part Braid Pattern
This braid pattern is great for wearing a full protective style and can be switched to either side.
side part closure braid pattern

Side Part with Leave Out Braid Pattern
This braid pattern supports a leave out weave with a side part.
side part leave out braid down

Lace Frontal Braid Pattern
This simple braid pattern is the perfect fit for a lace frontal.
lace frontal braid down

Check out our braiding tutorial videos on our youtube channel here.

No matter which sew in weave braid pattern you plan on using, take the time to take care of your hair and scalp to ensure a smooth braiding and sew-in experience!

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