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6 Mistakes You’re Making with Your Mascara

6 Mistakes You’re Making with Your Mascara

Mascara is one of those beauty products that feels almost mysterious. The perfect mascara seems elusive to most of us; long, lush lashes are just out of reach. When it comes to finding the right mascara, trial and error is the name of the game. So much so that most of us have a drawer full of contenders that didn’t quite make the cut. But was it really the mascara or just an operator error? Like most makeup categories, there is a right way and a wrong way to apply your mascara. So, if your lashes aren’t working out the way you hoped, you might need to tweak your technique. Here are six mistakes you’re making with your mascara.

You Don’t Use an Eyelash Curler

Eyelash curlers make a huge difference to the look of your lashes. Not only does an eyelash curler make your eyes look bigger, it also makes your lashes look thicker and fuller - even before you add a touch of mascara.

You Use an Eyelash Curler After Applying Your Mascara

While eyelash curlers make a remarkable difference to the look of your lashes, remember that using one is an important first step. Eyelash curlers should never be used after the fact; doing so can cause a host of issues. For starters, if you use a lash curler after your mascara, your lashes will clump and stick together. At the very least, you’ll have to redo your makeup. If things get a little more serious, your lashes might stick to the eyelash curler, breaking them off or pulling them out altogether, which can lead to long-term damage.

You Don’t Apply Mascara to Both Sides of Your Lashes

For thicker, fuller lashes, you’ll want to coat both sides. Be sure to start with the top of your lashes first and then move to the underside. If you reverse the order and apply mascara to the top side of your lashes as the last step, you’ll end up flattening your lashes instead of lifting and curling them.

You Pump the Mascara Wand

Pumping the wand seems to be everyone’s go-to for getting more mascara onto the brush and subsequently onto their lashes. But the truth is pumping the wand is a big no-no. It lets air into the tube and dries your mascara out faster, costing you more money in the long run.

You Don’t Wipe Off the Brush

When your mascara wand is loaded with too much product, clumpy lashes are pretty much a guarantee. To avoid a clumpy mess and spidery lashes, keep a tissue handy and be sure to wipe off any excess before swiping the brush over your lashes.

You’re Only Using One Formula at a Time

Like most things in life, it would be nice to have a “one and done” product. But, you’ll be surprised to know that in order to get long and lush lashes, you may need more than one formula. Most mascara formulas address only one issue, whether it’s length, curl, or volume. If you choose a formula that lengthens your lashes, you’re probably forgoing volume for an enhanced curl. If you want to achieve lashes with length and volume, you should be using two different products (don’t feel bad - I didn’t know this either).

And there you have it, a few big secrets to the art of using mascara. Once you understand the basics of mascara application, the long, full lashes you thought were so elusive are actually easily attainable. Starting off with an eyelash curler, steering clear of a few mistakes with the wand, and layering products are your best bets for the gorgeous lashes you always dreamed of.

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