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5 Ways To Calm Irritated Skin

5 Ways To Calm Irritated Skin

From trying out the newest, buzziest product that Instagram or TikTok raves about to an acne flare-up, irritated skin is a fact of life. It can strike when you least expect it, and the only constant is that you want and need relief quickly. Ahead we take a look at five ways to calm irritated skin.

Stop Using Whatever Caused The Irritation Immediately

This one may be a no-brainer, but when your skin is sounding the alarm, the first thing you should do is immediately cease whatever it was you were doing. Your skin is telling you that it’s not ok. Whether it’s a new cream you’re trying out, environmental factors, or something you ate, stop it immediately.

Opt For A Mild Cleanser

Daily cleansing is a crucial part of keeping your healthy skin and looking its best. And even when your skin feels irritated, you still need to wash it daily. In that case, it’s best to stick with a mild cleanser for the time being. And to be honest, a gentle cleanser is probably a good bet even when your skin is in tip-top shape.

Use A Calming Moisturizer

Ideally, you should follow your gentle cleansing routine with a soothing moisturizer. Hydration is key to getting your skin back on track and keeping it there. Not only should you steer clear of fragrances and other irritants, but be sure to look for products with soothing, good for your skin ingredients like ceramides and hyaluronic acid.  

Try Some Skincare First Aid With Soothing Ingredients

Remember, too, that you can also take a more holistic approach to calm your irritated skin. For example, aloe vera gel has been used for centuries as a topical treatment for common skin conditions and wound healing. And courtesy of fatty acids like lauric acid, coconut oil is another topical that you can use to soothe irritated skin. Studies have shown that virgin coconut oil may protect the skin by improving the skin barrier and fighting inflammation. And finally, creams or oils or salves that contain calendula and chamomile may also prove to be quite helpful when your skin is flaring up.

Reach For Some Green Tea

Green tea comes with a wealth of health benefits, and the ability to calm irritated skin is one of them. It has anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce skin irritation, redness, and swelling. Moreover, it’s packed with vitamins like vitamin E, which is great for nourishing and hydrating your skin — two things you certainly need when your skin is irritated.

While there are plenty of green tea cleansers, toners, and moisturizers on the market, you can also use actual green tea in a pinch. To do so, just steep a few green tea bags in some water and let it cool. Once the tea comes down to a comfortable temperature, soak a clean washcloth or a few cotton pads in the tea and apply it directly to your skin.

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